Indoor Lemon Trees

Send an Indoor Lemon Tree from our range to a loved one who cherishes natural beauty and zesty taste. Life, colour, and flavour all come with these evergreen plants, enriching any home they grow in and bringing joy to people who pick its fruit. Birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations are all perfect times to give these symbols of cleansing, freshness, and healing.

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Send an Indoor Citrus Tree Gift

Our indoor lemon trees are treasured for the bright yellow fruits they generously produce. We can’t understate how much of a sensory treat these gifts are. Perfect for growing indoors in unheated conservatories and porches, loved one will be filled with joy when they pick their very own homegrown lemons for slicing and squeezing for drinks and food.

Our larger Lemon Tree is everything a gift should be; living, lasting, full of meaning, and a giver of delicious fruit. Its evergreen leaves look resplendent all year round and sweet-smelling blossom and bright yellow lemons will grow throughout the year.

For people who want the most out of their plant, give them our Espalier Lemon Tree Gift. This particular indoor tree is grown on an espalier frame to ensure healthy growth and the most bountiful crop of zesty lemons.

For smaller indoor spaces, give a loved one our Mini Lemon Tree Gift. This dainty citrus tree happily fits on tabletops and window sills for year-round evergreen style. Don’t be fooled by the size, this tree is also grown on a small espalier frame and produces fruit by the plenty.

Our lemon plants are native to warmer regions, so it’s best to grow trees indoors. Their evergreen leaves remain lush all year-round and it can produce flowers and fruit in any season. Citrus trees love airy rooms without central heating and 6-8 hours of sunlight a day.

Order now, add a personalised greetings card and choose nominated day delivery. One of our devoted gardeners will hand-select a tree and gift wrap ready for dispatch. Get free delivery on orders over £50.