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Elder, also known as Sambucus nigra, is a bushy native tree that grows throughout the UK. It was believed to have protective qualities and that if you planted it by your house it would ward off evil spirits. Browse our range of elder trees for sale below.


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Native Garden Shrubs

A popular tree amongst foragers, both the berries and the flowers can be used to make delicious treats. Avoid the berries when they're unripe though and don't eat any green from the tree as this can be toxic when ingested.

The clusters of sweet-smelling, frothy white flowers are easily recognisable and will appear on the tree in Spring. Elderflowers are often used to for infusions and can be used to make syrups, cordials and even champagne.

Ripe elderberries are very dark in colour and grow in large bunches on the tree. They'll be ready for the picking around August time and are often used for making delicious jams and wines. When the berries are fermented you can make delicious wine. If you like the thought of making your own homemade wine, check out our merryweather damson tree to make delicious damson wine.

Part of our ancient wisdom range, elder can be added to any of our tree gift packs. As the tree is known for its protective qualities, the sentiment behind the tree is popular to send for both memorials and birthdays.

Take a look at our elder tree fact page for more information. Our trees are all shipped on a next day service to ensure they arrive in the best condition. Add a personalised greetings card for no extra charge.