Birch Trees for Sale

Birch is easily recognisable for its pale peeling bark and dark ridges down the trunk. It’s a beautiful slender variety of tree with a light crown of leaves that is well suited to people who have medium to large gardens. Browse our range of birch trees for sale.


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Beautiful Slender Garden Trees

Birch is a pioneer species and is often the first tree to colonise a piece of land. You will usually find them growing on old industrial sites before anything else even has a chance. They can thrive in most soils but prefer it to be moist but well-drained.

Silver birch trees are a popular gift for Christenings as they symbolise new birth and fertility. The name that represents the light silver colour of the bark makes it a great gift to send for 25th Wedding Anniversaries.

It is one of the shortest-lived trees native to the UK and can live for about 50-60 years. As the tree is part of our Ancient Wisdom range they can be purchased with any of our available gift packs and make a thoughtful gift.

Loved by wildlife, many different species of bird call this tree home and nest in the branches or trunk. One tree can produce over a million seeds a year which provides the birds with plenty of food.

The tree is deciduous and will be bare from November to April but with the beautiful pale trunk on full display you won't be disappointed, you will also be able to enjoy the vibrant contrasts of colours through the Autumn while the leaves are falling.

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