Beech trees

Stunning Beech Trees available for order today. Order a Beech Tree and pick from our range of personalised greetings cards for the perfect tree gift. Send a tree as an eco friendly alternative to cut flowers.

The right Beech Tree for you

We have a wonderful little range of Beech Trees and we are sure you will find a lovely tree for your garden in our range. Our young Copper Beech trees arrive with a green colour and turn a stunning purple the following season. We also have larger variety of beech trees available in 12 litre pots, like the Common Beech Tree. Beechs are often very versatile trees that can be developed into hedging or left to thrive on their own. Did you know: In the language of the flowers, the Beech Tree is said to represent success. If not pruned and trained the Beech Tree can grow very large.