Almond Trees for Sale

Tree2mydoor aim to delight people with unique, long-lasting gifts and our almond trees for sale are just that. Send someone an unusual nut tree for a gift they’ll never forget.

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Nut Trees for the Garden

Almond varieties are originally native to the Middle East, India and North Africa. This means they like a lot of sun and can be susceptible to frost so making sure they're in a sunlit sheltered area of the garden will provide them with the perfect conditions to survive.

Our dwarf almond tree is a Robijn variety and is perfect for small to medium sized gardens as it only reaches 3m in height. It produces beautiful pink flowers in the spring and the nuts will be ready to harvest around late August time.

Almonds are quite often associated with love and marriage and play a large part in many cultural traditions. At some weddings, its believed that giving the guests 5 sugared almonds symbolises the 5 wishes of fertility, longevity, wealth, health and happiness.

They are one of the healthiest nuts and are consumed widely across the world. They contain lots of healthy oils and proteins that are known to provide many health benefits that can help promote a healthier heart.

Nut trees make a wonderful, unique gift. Check out some of our other varieties available like our hazelnut and walnut trees. Perfect for any garden.

Order your tree today and choose a delivery date in the future to get it delivered in time. Pick a personalised greetings card at the checkout and add your own unique message.