Valentine’s Day Poetry Competition 2018

On the 1st February 2018 well be opening up our 10th annual Valentines Day Poetry competition. Now thats a lot of poems!

To help get the creative juices flowing weve pulled together some winners from previous years for inspiration. This year were looking for funny/witty/positive poems about love, Valentines, and all things trees and plants.

How to Enter

There are two ways to enter. You can either send us a typed up version of your poem (150-word limit) or, if youre feeling extra creative, you can film yourself reading your poem (1 minute limit). All entries should be emailed to with the subject of your name followed by the word poem. (John Smiths Poem)

If you win the competition youll get a whopping 100 worth of gift vouchers to spend at Tree2mydoor! And if thats not enough, 50 runners-up will get a 50% refund on their Valentines Day purchases.

* For the first 50 published poets who placed a Valentine's order with Tree2mydoor between the 1st Feb to the 12th Feb.. (upto 49, excl. P&P)

Poetry Winners

2017 Winner - Christine Clarkson

If you I go to heaven and You are not there,

I will carve our names on a golden chair,

for all the angels their to see

I Love You and you love me,

if you are not there by judgement day

I will know you have gone the other way,

and just to show my love for you,

I would go to Hell to be with you.

Christine Clarkson

2016 Winner - Ellie Bromilow

The Compost Composition

oozing with worms and food for my soil

my love for you grew (without much toil)

You are my best friend, my gardening buddy

and you don't judge me when i'm all muddy

When people walk past and admire my display

full of bees and butterflies (no need to spray)

They smile and they ask what is the secret of mine

and I smile back and say its poo turned divine!

You hold the key to my beautiful flowers

all I do is give you old veggies, weeds (and wee showers)

then out from your soul grows the magic i need

to make my garden bloom without adding feed.

Oh Compost, you are my heart and my soul

always added to the bottom of my planting hole

You are the giver of life, and I will always love you

and I promise to give you all of our rabbit poo.

Ellie Bromilow

2013 Winner - Laura Newbould-Jones

The food of love.

The world is my fish finger; meat balls the spice of life,

Certainly food for thought, soon becoming your wife.

Love is my vitamin, my fruit and my veg,

Snuggies are my coco-pops; cuddles my potato wedge.

Life is like a banquet, on which to feast and gorge,

The food of love is plenty, and in this relationship we forge.

Trusting like a Sunday roast,

As comfy as hot buttered toast.

Happiness like strawberries and cream,

Lemon meringue...were living the dream.

If long life is the key,

Then I want my milk to be UHT.

Add zest like lemon and twist like lime,

There our ingredients- it will last over-thyme.

Like roasting chestnuts by the open fire,

Like hot soup on a winters day,

Sweet and fluffy like a bar of milkyway.

Preheat the oven... turn up the heat,

Lets cook up a relationship thats good enough to eat.

Laura Newbould-Jones

2012 Winner - Kayleigh Sheppard

Matthew you are my Valentine as you have been for 13 years,

To think how on earth we've managed it reduces me to tears,

I met you when I was 14, I thought I was a lucky girl,

Now i'm almost 27 and you still have me in a whirl.

We've done a lot together, been to paradise and back,

How on earth you've put up with my PMT, I take off my hat!

We have a baby daughter and another one on the way,

I know we'll all be together forever and a day.

Kayleigh Sheppard

2011 Winner - Carole Littlehales


On our 1st Valentine's day you gave me a rose

But alas the smell got right up my nose

A chocolate heart for my 2nd Valentine

Supposed to have my name on but they hadn't iced mine!

For our 3rd Vally day ooh what did we do?

Nothing cos you spent it in bed with man flu

or our 4th Valentine you took me away

But the weather was awful, it rained all day

For our 5th Vally day we didn't do nowt

For our 6th Vally day we had a meal out

Our 7th and our 8th we spent with our child

The 9th and the 10th I recall were quite wild

Of 14th February I give a mixed review

But after all these years I still love you

So forget all the others let's get down and dirty

As this year is Valentine's day Number 30!

Carole Littlehales

So get writing everyone, the competition will be open until 10th February 2018 at 3pm. Weve loved reading every past submission and were looking forward to them all this year!

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You can read the full terms and conditions for the competition here.