Trees with Feminine Deities and Energy

Every tree has links throughout history within a variety of different cultures. From Greek to Norse to Celtic mythology, each tree is a symbol or representation of something or someone.


There is particular energy that is usually associated with trees, whether it’s masculine or feminine or a mixture of both. Delve with us into the Trees with Feminine Deities and energy, from powerful Greek goddesses to faeries and many more.


The Rowan Tree

Rowan Tree Berries

The Rowan Tree holds feminine energy within a wide selection of cultural mythology and symbolism. It is often referred to as the “Lady of the Mountains” due to its beauty and hardiness in high altitude areas in which it stands the test of the elements.

In Norse mythology, it is believed that the very first woman was made from that of the Rowan tree and it has also been named the Goddess or Faery tree due to the white blooms it produces.

Hebe, The Goddess of Youth

In Greek mythology, the Goddess of youth, Hebe was thought to have lost her chalice from which she provided a rejuvenating concoction to the other Gods. An eagle was enlisted by Hebe to recover the cup from the demons, the eagle fought and where it dropped blood or a feather is thought to have grown a rowan tree.


The Silver Birch Tree

Silver Birch Leaf

Known as the “Lady of the Woods” the silver birch also holds female energy and is associated with new beginnings, fertility and protection. The female deity linked to the birch is the Celtic Brigid.

Brigid, The Goddess of Healing and Summer

In Celtic lore, Brigid is the goddess of healing, poetry and smithcraft. She is associated with the sun and solar energy, in turn, providing inner vitality and healing. She is said to bring inspiration and her powers are in the form of fire and flames. She is also known as the goddess of summer and on Samhain is taken over by the winter goddess Cailleach.


The Blackthorn Tree

Blackthorn Tree Blossom

While the blackthorn tree has a very dark symbolism and mythology attached to it, it is said to be linked with the Cailleach the goddess of winter.

Cailleach, The Goddess of Winter

Cailleach is the goddess of winter and usually portrayed in the form of an old woman. She holds a staff in one hand and has a raven on her shoulder, the direct translation of the word Cailleach has the meaning of ‘veiled one’ or ‘old woman’.

Cailleach’s staff can be used for both good and evil. From it, she can create mountains, lakes and valleys but also brings bad weather, storms and snow.


The Willow Tree

Grey Willow Tree Leaves

The willow tree has deep links with the moon and all things magical. It holds deep links with feminine energy and its goddess is known as Hecate.

Hecate, The Goddess of Sorcery

A teacher in both sorcery and witchcraft, the powerful goddess Hecate comes from Greek mythology. She is the goddess of the night, the moon and the willow.


The Beech Tree

Beech Tree Leaves

The beech tree is imposing but elegant and is commonly associated with wisdom. Known as the “Mother of the Woods” or “Queen Beech” she stands tall next to her oak king supplying the surrounding forest with protection and nourishment.


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