Trees for Birds

Waxwing on a Rowan tree The Waxwings favourite dinner: Rowan Tree berries.

With all the extreme conditions we got over Christmas it’s pretty safe to say we were all affected by it in one way or another. Anyway, It got me thinking about how wildlife and how they were coping. In turn it got me started thinking about what trees provide the best natural food for wildlife in your area and attract these creatures year on year. So armed with research gathered over the week, I bring you the Tree2mydoor guide of the best Trees for supporting wildlife.

Tree: The Rowan Tree
Wildlife: The lush red berries from the Rowan Tree are always in high demand by all sorts of garden birds. It’s a great tree to introduce birds into the garden and provide a natural source of food for them. The berries from the Rowan are a particular favourite of the Waxwing... and I found out this interesting little fact; the people from Sipoo, Finland are noted for saying that winter has not fully begun until the Waxwings eat all the berries from the Rowan Tree. So if its birds that you are after, you can’t go wrong with a Rowan Tree.

Tree: Oak Tree
Wildlife: Oak trees will eventually grow a fair bit bigger than Rowan trees, and so are suited to the larger garden. Nevertheless their grandeur and beauty cannot be matched. Known as the ‘father of the woods’ the primary food source that the oak tree provides is through its acorns. Squirrel’s just love getting stuck in and having a go at the acorns. However it’s not all about squirrels, large native trees like the Oak Tree are home to all sorts of grubs and larvae that birds love like wood pigeons and Jays.

Tree: Silver Birch Tree
Wildlife: Silver Birch Trees are not only fast growers, but a perfect supply of food for your garden wildlife friends. Birch trees are great for caterpillars, sawflies and moths, they just love them. The silver birch tree is one of the most valuable trees for wildlife, as it supports over 230 species (wow!).

Generally speaking, it is best to choose native trees over non-native ones if you want to attract wildlife to your garden. Native trees provide a valuable source of food in the form of insects over the harsh winter months and in summer; trees like the Rowan Tree on the other hand provide a great source of berries for birds.

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