Finding the Perfect Housewarming Gift

The Perfect Housewarming Gift

According to a traditional poem, there are a few essential components to giving a successful housewarming gift. They are: bread so the recipient never goes hungry, wine so their life is always sweet, salt so there is always spice in their life and a candle so they always light.

house warming gifts from Tree2mydoor

At Tree2mydoor, we’ve taken a new approach to these essential housewarming gifts and updated them for the 21st century. In lieu of this, we give you our ‘How to find the Perfect Housewarming Gift’ list:


May you always have olives from your olive tree, so you never go hungry,

Delicious Fruits from your orange tree, so your life is abundantly sweet,

Bay leaves plucked straight from your very own bay tree, to spice up your life and

A beautiful bright cherry tree, so you always have light.


Olive trees are an ancient symbol of peace and hope and have incredible longevity, with some trees living in excess of 2,000 years. As well as providing positive visual aesthetics, they are a natural source of food and are prevalent in the cuisine of Mediterranean cultures.

Fruit is often thought of as the food of the gods. It is said that fruit was sacred to the Greek god Dionysus. Fruit is highly versatile and can be eaten raw or cooked in savoury dishes as well as desserts. Send a fruit tree for a special housewarming gift.

Bay leaves from the Bay Tree are a common addition to hearty stews, soups and sauces including homemade traditional chicken noodle soup and spag bol. The bay leaf is used in cooking perhaps more than any other herb.

Cherry Blossom Trees are stunning in spring; the blossom brings the most beautiful and welcome sight. Pink and white blossoms fall like snow.

Order Trees from Tree2mydoor for the perfect housewarming gift.