7 Romantic Valentines Day Gifts

Valentine’s day is a day for romance and showing loved ones how much they mean to you. While some people may run and hide at the thought of getting another soppy, poem filled card or a giant fluffy teddy bear that doesn’t mean they don’t want to be romanced.

Instead of choosing traditional Romantic Valentines Day Gift this year why not go for a tree or plant instead? Trees and plants are delightfully different to send on Valentines Day, and as they’re living, lasting and full of meaning - nothing could be more romantic to receive.

Show loved ones just how much they mean to you this February 14th and see our top picks for romantic trees and plants to send as gifts.


Romantic Valentines Gift Ideas


1. The Tree of Love


Crab Apple Sapling

Starting with the Tree of Love itself. Our native Crab Apple Tree was commonly known as “the tree of love” in ancient Celtic mythology. This charming sapling is the ultimate gift of romance to send on Valentine’s day and your loved one will watch every spring as beautiful blossoms start to grow and flourish on the branches.

This tree also produces appetising apples in the autumn for jelly, jam and winemaking so if your other half is into cooking then this is a Valentine’s gift they’ll never forget.

Let out your romantic side and get the tree of love delivered to your love.

2. Monstera Deliciosa Plant


Monstera Deliciosa Plant

At first glance, the Monstera plant doesn’t seem like a very romantic gift but looking at the symbolism behind the plant you’ll see why. The Monstera is thought to be a symbol of long life - gift this to your life partner to wish a long and happy life together. We don’t think there’s anything quite as romantic.

This gorgeous valentines day plant has large decorative leaves that also resemble hearts. The holes and perforations in the foliage create interest and will add vibrancy and colour to indoor spaces.

3. With Love Rose Bush Gift


With Love Rose Bush Gift

Roses are the epitome of love and our With Love Rose Bush Gift is a classy and simplistic way to keep the romance alive. It arrives beautifully gift wrapped and can be delivered directly with a choice of Valentine's card.

Each year in June the bush will be blooming with delicate, white roses just like and an everlasting bunch of flowers. Each summer will be a reminder of the reasons why you and your partner fell in love in the first place.

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4. Small Fig Tree Gift


Small Fig Tree Gift

Fig trees produce delicious sweet fruits for a range of treats and the decorative leaves are said to be what Adam and Eve made their clothes from in the garden of Eden.

A thoughtful Valentine's gift idea steeped in history from one of the very first ever love stories. The gorgeous small fig tree grows well in the cool British climate and figs make yummy treats, meaning this is a romantic gift for your Valentine and for yourself!

5. Love Heart Shaped Bay Tree Gift


Love Heart Shaped Bay Tree Gift

Our brand new Heart Shaped Bay Tree makes the ultimate Valentines Day Tree. Make your loved ones feel extra special and blessed that you have them in your life on Valentine's day.

The aromatic evergreen leaves on the Love Heart Shaped Bay Tree are also the perfect incarnation of the love and passion that burns between the two of you and the best gift to send your partner if they're a bit of a foodie. Plant together in a pot and place out on the patio for both to admire for years to come.

6. Lemon Tree Gift


Lemon Tree Gift

Romance is definitely on the cards if you send someone our Lemon Tree Gift. Treat your partner to a bright and colourful lemon tree, they’ll be delighted to watch as the fruits start to ripen and develop into beautiful bright yellow fruits.

Cooks, bakers and cocktail makers will cherish a romantic Valentines gift such as this and date night G&T’s at home will never be the same with slices of zesty homegrown lemons.

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