Magnificent Magnolia- The Perfect Tree Gift for Early Spring

Welcome to the wonderful world of Magnolia Trees.

Well, we have done it! We have almost made it through winter and we will be enjoying Spring as of the 1st March. This is amazing news as we will soon start to see all of our tree gifts coming back to life after a winter slumber and they will look amazing again.

With early Spring being a funny time for trees and plants there is only one gift that will be a real show stopper at this time of year (excluding our beautiful evergreen range of course), that is ........ Drum Roll Please..... The Magnolia Tree Gift!

Have you ever wonder what that beautiful tree is that always seems to have the flowers on it first before any other tree? If so you have been experiencing the wonderful magnolia tree in all its beauty. The magnolia tree is magnificent tree, one that has always been breathtakingly beautiful.

Here at Tree2mydoor we love the Magnolia dearly, so much so we wanted to share with you why we do.

Lily Magnolia Tree Gift

Firstly, the magnolia tree is one of the first to flower in late winter or very early Spring. The beautiful flowers are usually the first we see and look stunning on brisk spring walks in the park. We love the deep pink colours mixed with the vivid white to give off an almost dream like colour that sways gently in the wind. Take a look at the Lily Magnolia below and tell us those flowers are not anything less than divine!

Lily Magnolia Tree Gift Lily Magnolia Tree Gift

There is no reason not to snap up this amazing tree gift! We are totally in love with it, and it has just started to flower! Yes that is right, just before Mothers Day! Your Mum would love a Lily Magnolia!

If it's a pink flowering tree you're looking for but don't mind the variety then go for our pink magnolia tree. Chosen by our devoted gardeners each month so you get the best seasonal variety no matter what the season. Big things are to be expected from this tree in spring as it explodes into a delightful vision of pink.

Tulip Tree Gift

Next on our list is a fabulous tree that has the most amazing flowers. If you haven't guessed yet about Magnolia Trees, its the flowers that really set them apart from every other tree. The shower of colour is just out of this world and we cannot express how much we love these trees.

The Tulip Tree has an almost cup shaped flower which sit majestically at the end of the stems. The Tulip Tree Gift is one of a kind, what are you waiting for! Send one today!

Tulip Tree Gift Tulip Tree Gift

Star Magnolia Tree Gift 

If your looking for a Magnolia Tree Gift that is slightly different from the rest, look no further than the beautiful Star Magnolia Tree Gift. In contrast to the Lily and Tulip Magnolia Trees the flowers on the Star Magnolia are crisp white! They are a true delight and will shower the garden in white petals just as early as the rest.

The white magnolia is perfect to send for white weddings! If it is an early Spring wedding just imagine it flowering every year on the anniversary of the happy couple? You can't get more perfect than that! Mothers day is also a great occasion to send the Star Magnolia Tree Gift as it will flower (Hopefully) on mothers day each year! Your mum will have flowers each year on her special day. Who says a gift is only to be given once?

You will always be in the good books when sending one of our Magnolia Tree Gift, why wait? Order today!

Star Magnolia Tree Gift Star Magnolia Tree Gift


Well, there you have it! Our perfect Magnolia Tree Gift Guide! The Magnolia Tree Gift is perfection at this time of year and will look stunning all the way through Spring.

We would love to know which is your favourite or if you already have a Tree2mydoor Magnolia how they are looking when in flower! You can either tweet or write on our Facebook wall!

Much Love!

Tree2mydoor x