National Tree Week 2017

Today is the start our favourite week, national tree week. It’s also the time we’re celebrating Tree2mydoor’s 14th birthday. how time flies when you’re having fun!

In 1975 the Tree Council started what is now one of the largest tree celebrations in the UK. National tree week was started to mark the beginning of the winter tree planting season and to celebrate the importance of trees.

We’re surrounded by trees every day of our lives without ever really taking into consideration how important they are and it’s easy to see that we take them for granted. Not only do they help create the oxygen we breathe but they provide the necessary food and shelter for thousands of species of native wildlife.

In a world where millions of trees are cut down every day it’s important we do our best to giveTwisted Olive Tree in sunshine something back. By sending someone a tree gift not only are you making your loved ones smile, you’ll be making Mother Earth smile too.

Tree2mydoor was founded in 2003 as a way for people to send thoughtful, long lasting gifts all the while making the planet a greener place. There’s something about sending a tree that holds so much meaning and it’s a gift that lasts a lifetime. Make an impact on the planet and those around you.

Our native trees are especially important to our landscape and each has a story to tell. The crab apple tree is the tree of love and the rowan tree, the tree of life. With so much symbolism and meaning behind each tree, they are perfect for so many occasions.

We have plenty of different trees available to send from small native saplings to the larger potted Mediterranean trees. As long as we know we’re putting more trees out into the world, we’re happy.

Want to get involved?

There are hundreds of events all over the UK for you to take part in. To find out what’s happening near you this week visit:

You can also get involved by using the hashtag #nationaltreeweek to spread awareness on social media.

Have an event?

Tree2mydoor often undertake orders from corporate clients where we create a fully bespoke gift service for the business. If you or your company are looking to take part in national tree week and need some help in doing so, don’t hesitate to email us at