National Tree Week 2011

What is National Tree Week?

National Tree Week UK was first started in 1975 and celebrates the start of the winter tree planting season. National Tree Week is a superb chance for communities to get together and get young people interested in trees and tree planting initiatives. Schools, community groups, tree wardens and many others all across the UK get involved every year to help start planting more trees across Britain. This year National Tree Week will run from 26th of November until the 4th of December.

Tree2mydoor are all set to celebrate national tree week. This season is the best time to plant native trees, as they are dormant at this time of year and also before the frost starts to really get going and the ground becomes too hard to dig.

Planting Trees Get planting trees this National Tree Week 2011

Why we need to plant more trees

Did you know that tree planting of new trees in Britain has fallen to its lowest rate in over three decades? You may also be interested to know that we actually are one the least wooded countries in Europe also, clearly not good stats. If we want to maintain our heritage and live in a world full of trees and wildlife, we need to take action now. Let’s plant some trees and grow a greener future.

Where to plant trees?

The most important decision when choosing where to plant a tree is in knowing how big the species of tree will grow that you are planting. Certain tree species are suited to very large spaces as their fully grown size will be quite large, for example an Oak tree, on the other hand silver birch trees will tend to grow to around 20ft and can be placed in a medium sized garden. You can plant a tree sapling in a large pot or container and it will grow quite happily for a few years if you plan to move house.

From all the team here at Tree2mydoor, have an excellent National Tree Week 2011. If you would like to find out more on National Tree Week, please visit: