July Tree of the Month 2019

Double Stem Corkscrew Bay Tree Gift 

Our chosen July Tree of the Month is both stylish and useful… but with a bit of a twist. Our Double Stem Corkscrew Bay Tree is truly one of a kind. It’s both fragrant and chic emitting a contemporary style into the garden.

The leaves are glossy, green and aromatic, especially over the summer and throughout July. Its stem is intricate and unlike anything else we have to offer making it a truly unique and long lasting gift.

Double Corkscrew Bay Trees

Tree of the Month of July

The double corkscrew bay is utterly beautiful. The intricate double helix shape of the stem is created by hand twisting 2 bay trees around one another. The head of fragrant leaves sits atop the corkscrew looking glossy, green and gorgeous and as it’s an evergreen variety it looks fabulous for the whole year.

The leaves on the Laurus nobilis are the most fragrant throughout the summer and July is the perfect time for picking and drying them for later use. The best time to harvest them is in the morning just after all the dew has evaporated from the night before. 

We find that our double twisted bay tree is extremely popular to send for summer weddings in July. The two intertwined stems, a representation of togetherness and partnership. Symbolic of two beings coming together in love and in life. Plus, as unique wedding gifts go, we know that this tree will be cherished by the couple for many years to come reminding them of their special day.


Bay trees are slow growing and easy to look after and considering that they are originally from Mediterranean shores, they do rather well against the colder UK winters with an extra bit of protection. This is great news for any novice gardeners. Check out our Bay Tree Care Guide and you’ll see just how easy it is!

 Have you been looking for a July birthday gift that’s perfect for a foodie? This tree might just be the answer. Bay leaves are used to flavour many different types of dishes, from stews to soups to a wide variety of vegetables and meats. The aromatic leaves are also known to be used in baking and even some drinks and cocktails.

Our large double corkscrew bay tree is delivered in a 12L pot and has been gift wrapped in a natural hessian bag. We wrap all our trees and plants as standard and a personalised greetings card can also be added at the time of ordering so that your gift can make the best impression as soon as it’s taken out of the box.

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