January Gift Ideas | January Gift Guide

January Birthday Gift ideas


It’s a new year, a time for “New Me’s” and New Years resolutions.  Our New Years resolution here at Tree2mydoor is to make even more people smile this year by sending out more unusual, meaningful gifts.

Trying to find the perfect January birthday gifts can be hard, especially after all the gift-giving that happened last month! Our January gifts guide focuses on trees and plants that are looking great this month or are perfect for planting at this time of year. While most deciduous trees are dormant at this time of year, they will be bursting to life in spring again in no time at all and our evergreen trees look delightful through the winter. Read on for amazing gift ideas for birthdays in January.


January Birthday Gifts Ideas


Silver Birch Tree Gift


The Silver Birch rules the first month in the Celtic Tree Calendar. If you know someone born between the dates of 24th December - 20th January then you can send them their very own Zodiac Tree for their birthday. 

Birch is a narrow, elegant variety with an upright growing habit and they’re known to live for around 40-60 years. Not only a great idea for a birthday gift, but they are also extremely popular to send as a nicely themed gift for a couple or partner celebrating 25 loving years together for a silver anniversary.

Silver Birch Trees are deciduous and dormant in January time. Once delivered they can be kept in an unheated garage or shed where they can stay for a couple of weeks before planting. Tree saplings can be planted in January if the weather is mild. Make sure to avoid planting when the ground is waterlogged or frozen.

Find out more about what to plant this month in our Gardening Jobs for January blog post. Birch trees are one of the first native trees to spring back to life after winter so in just a few weeks buds will appear on the tree and it will be leafy in no time at all.


Delivery Tip: Native saplings have lost their leaves and are dormant for the winter. This sapling doesn’t need to be planted straight away and can be placed in a cool garage or shed for up to 2 weeks when it should be planted into a large pot or in the ground.

Mini Olive Tree Gift

 Mini Olive tree gift

Our Mini Olive Tree is a beautiful place to start, the frosty silver-green leaves look beautiful in January and bring Mediterranean vibes by the plenty. If you know someone who gets a ton of sun in their garden over summer then send them this tree and if they’re lucky enough they might even get some olives.

Olive trees are evergreen and require little in regards to maintenance, they are slow-growing meaning little pruning is required and with just a quick repotting every couple of years they will happily live in a container for their lifetime. Like it says on the tin, this olive tree is mini and would be perfect on a balcony or patio where it can bask in the sun.

 Olive trees are a symbol of peace and are known to last hundreds if not thousands of years. Want the birthday gift of a lifetime? I think we have that right here.

 Delivery Tip: This tree can be delivered straight to the recipients, once out of the box the tree can go out in the garden straight away in a sheltered location if there is any sign of frost or snow.


Blueberry Plant Gift

 Image of a Blueberry Bush Gift


Our Blueberry Plant is the perfect January birthday gift for someone who loves devouring berries. Blueberry plants are dormant at this time of year as they are a deciduous variety they look very bare in January. While they may have no leaves, this is a great time for planting, the plant will then burst to life in March with the unusual blossom ready for fruit production over the summer.

As they are acid-loving plants they are best for growing in containers with ericaceous compost. They look lovely grown on the patio and are the perfect addition to a smaller garden. Plus, the seasonal interest provided by the blueberry plant is like nothing else. Year after year it produces striking white blossoms in late spring and then the fruits will be deliciously ripe around June / July time. Just in time for autumn, the leaves will transform into a bright blaze of red.

Send this as a gift for someone's birthday this January and they will be making blueberry muffins by the summer! A fantastic gift idea for a health nut and a foodie. This easy to look after plant is delivered in a 3L pot and will be right at home in a small to medium-sized garden or in a container on the patio.


Small Bay Tree Gift


Small Bay Tree

While the Bay Laurel tree is native to the Mediterranean shores it sits right at home in a UK garden and looks absolutely beautiful in January. The leaves are best known for their use in cooking and will add strong and fragrant flavours to most casseroles and stews.

Our small bay tree is 50cm tall and delivered in a 3L pot meaning wherever there’s space in the garden this tree is sure to fit right in. Straight away this little bay tree will add style and greenery to a balcony, patio or decking, especially throughout the winter month of January.

Said to have both healing and protective properties, planting a bay tree near home is thought to ward off bad omens and illness. It’s lucky to celebrate the birth of a new baby by planting a bay tree in the garden and as they grow up they will have the bay tree to look upon every birthday. Bay trees are low maintenance and slow-growing making them the ideal tree gift for someone with little to no gardening experience.


Kaffir Lime Tree Gift


Kaffir Lime Tree

Another great gift for a foodie, Kaffir Lime Trees are a must-have for any aspiring chef. It’s the ultimate gift for someone who loves to experiment with interesting flavours in Thai cooking. The double leaves are extremely aromatic and can be used fresh, straight from the tree or dried for later use. The bumpy-skinned limes will also make their way into many dishes and using both the rind and the juice will provide a dish with zingy, zesty flavours.

The Kaffir Lime can produce fruit year-round with the crop peaking in the winter months around January. What’s a better way to enjoy a birthday and make it through the wintertime than with delicious homemade Thai curries with fresh kaffir limes?

As this tree is evergreen it looks fabulous year-round which is especially great throughout the winter. It can be kept in a pot in the conservatory or in an unheated greenhouse. They even look amazing placed on a sunny porch where they can get plenty of light.

The tree is delivered in a 5L pot and is approximately 60-80cm in height. If you have a friend that is ridiculously hard to buy for and they love Thai and Asian cooking then this is the Birthday gift for them in January. We also have our amazing dwarf variety, the Mini Kaffir Lime Tree, if you are looking for something that it a lot smaller, but no less impressive!