Gifts for Mum from Younger Children

If your kids are a bit too little to use the credit card, then its down to you to organise the gifts for mum from younger children this Mothers Day!

Choose one of these beautiful growing gifts for the kids to send to Mum, and make sure she is truly feeling the love from the whole family. We have put a lot of thought into choosing plants and gifts for mum that are perfect to send from kids.

Here are some of our favourite Gifts for Mum from Younger Children:

Mug and Bean Gift


Special Mum Rose Pack £30.00

Special Mum Rose Bush 

  • Includes a Special Mum rose and a 'Love in a Bag'.
  • Kids and Mum can scatter the wildflower seeds together.
  • The rose arrives fully gift-wrapped, so you won't have to struggle with tissue paper and ribbon!
  • Flowers are a pretty shade of pink that Mum will love.
  •  Personalise the gift with a free 'Mum' gift card and an 'Engraved Plaque and Plinth'. Let the children say it in their own words.
  • Find out more here


Gooseberry Bush Gift £19.99

Gooseberry Bush Gift 

  • This gooseberry bush gift is an ideal gift for a busy Mum; gooseberries are seriously low maintenance. Mum gets all the fun of growing fruit in the garden and cooking it with the children, but none of the upkeep!
  • We can deliver the gift wrapped gooseberry straight to your door - hassle free!
  • Looks lovely in a big pot on the patio, as well as in the ground.
  • Include a card for the kids to write a special message.
  • Buy a Gooseberry Bush Gift for Mothers Day here.


Crab Apple Gift, £24.50

Crab Apple Tree Gift 

  • The Crab apple tree is traditionally known as the Tree of Love - not surprising that this is one of our favourite gifts for Mum from younger children!
  • An easy way for the kids to show Mum how much she is loved; the name of the tree says it all!
  • The crab apple tree will only be little when it arrives, but will soon grow big - just like the people who are giving it!
  • Will produce crab apples that can be made into chutney and jelly.
  • Head here to buy one today.

And don't forget Grandma...

...she deserves a gift too! How about this beautiful Special Grandma rose bush gift?

Special Grandma Rose Bush