The Famous Glastonbury Thorn Tree Cut Down - Sad News

Posted by Ella Dooly on

Glastonbury Thorn TreeI read in the paper today that Vandals had cut down The Holy Thorn Tree of Glastonbury. As legend has it, the tree sprouted from the staff of Joseph of Arimathea 2,000 years ago. The Tree famously blossoms twice per year, at Christmas and at Easter and some of its thorns are sent as decorations for the Queen’s Christmas Day dinner table. It is a real a shame that such a famous tree and a tree so dear to so many people has been hacked down this week.

Officials think that the Queens ceremony had something to do with it on Wednesday, either way it is really sad that it has gone. The good news is at least they will be planting a new tree in its place, grown from one of the cuttings of the original tree.

Glastonbury thorns are really special and beautiful trees, with a unique and interesting story to tell. Hope to see more around soon.

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