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It is that time of year again when we are thinking those magical thoughts of putting up the Christmas Tree. Its one occasion that the whole family loves as it is the start of the festive season, setting off a fun and family filled holiday. Here at Tree2mydoor we have thought long and hard about what makes the perfect Christmas Tree and have come up with 2 of our very best to make sure your Christmas Tree dressing is perfect.

Christmas Tree History

Did you know that the first recording of adding lights to a Christmas Tree was in the 16th Century by Martin Luther? He gathered his whole family around as he was mesmerised by the shimmering lights on the beautiful dark evergreen foliage.

The Tradition of using Christmas Trees was started in Germany when devote Christians would bring evergreen Trees into their homes and decorate them, this was then passed onto America when German people settled in Pennsylvania.

The popularity of Queen Victoria in the 19th Century who adopted most of her husbands traditions brought the Christmas Tree to the UK. The tradition was so popular that it even spread to the east coast of America who followed British fashion and culture closely. The practice was so popular that it inspired in the 1930's the Rockafella Tree which is still placed in the same spot in New Yorks Time Square today.

The Christmas Tree started off a humble tradition and has turned into a world wide phenomenon, with this in mind we are going to show you the two we have personally selected for you this tear.

Get ready, get that cup of tea made, them baubles out of the loft and lets get ready to decorate them trees.


Nordman Fir Christmas Tree: £60

Nordman-Fir--22Just take a look at the beautiful Nordman Fir Christmas Tree! What is more beautiful than seeing this amazing Pot Grown Christmas Tree in all its glory?

Imagine having your very own Christmas Tree delivered right to your door, beautifully packaged ready for you to unwrap and start on the magical job of decorating it.

All of our Christmas Trees are UK Pot Grown rather than imported from abroad and 'potted up'.

All you need to decide now is how you are going to decorate your beautiful new addition to your home. Remember the beautiful Nordman Fir Christmas Tree is a Tree for life, once Christmas has passed pop this gorgeous Tree in the garden until next year where we can all start the magic again forever and ever.

The pot is slightly raised so all your beautifully wrapped presents will look lovely under the majestic spread.

Remember just because we have given you the perfect tree does not mean we will decorate it, this great job we are leaving to you as we know you will be perfect at it! :D

Click to Buy a Nordman Fir Christmas Tree. We can deliver any Tuesday to Friday up to Friday 20th of December. Tree2mydoor deliver to UK addresses, £7.50 courier delivery on the date of your choice (surcharges apply to Highland & Island addresses).



Norway Spruce Christmas Tree: £60

The Norway Spruce is another perfect choice for your Christmas Tree this year. The Norway Spruce has a long tradition for being a great Christmas Tree. The Rockafella Christmas Tree is a Norway Spruce and can sometimes top a hefty 100m tall. Just imagine having something like that in your back garden?

The Norway Spruce by Tree2mydoor is Pot Grown in the UK so no need to worry about those needles that you always find in the January. Our Pot Grown Trees don't lose their needles so its a perfect eco-friendly, mess free alternative to a cut tree.

The Norway Spruce Christmas Tree will be the centre point of your Christmas celebration and here at Tree2mydoor we have made it a little easier for you to enjoy that perfect Christmas.

Buy a UK Grown Norway Spruce Christmas Tree from our online shop today. Don't forget you can choose your own delivery date (Tuesdays to Fridays right up to Friday the 20th of December). Buy your Norway Spruce Christmas Tree Here.


We know all of our wonderful customer have excellent taste so why not show us how you decorate your tree and send us a picture to our facebook page?

We are very excited to see all your lovely decorations!

Happy Dressing!


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