April Tree of the Month 2019 - Tea Plant Gift

While our April Tree of the Month may not technically be a tree it’s definitely still a worthy contender! Our plant for April will produce a flush of leaves year after year that can be used to create delicious homegrown cups of tea every spring.

The garden has finally sprung back to life and everything is green again. Our versatile Tea Plant Gift is the ultimate gift for a tea fanatic and will fit right in with a new spring garden. An ideal gift to send for an April birthday, the recipient will have fresh tea leaves every year on their birthday and as it can be grown in a pot on the patio the leaves will be right at their fingertips.


Tea Plant Gift - April Tree of the Month


Tea Plant Camellia SinensisIt’s no secret that we Brits love a good cup of tea, so if you know a tea fanatic whose birthday falls in April then you’d be mad not to grab them one of these. Free cuppas for life? I think so!


The Camellia sinensis plant is responsible for many of our favourite teas. From black, green, white and oolong tea, they all come from the leaves of this one little super plant.


We’ve chosen our Tea Plant as the Tree (or Plant) of the month as the spring leaves are the most valuable in the season for harvesting and processing to turn them into a batch of deliciously dried tea leaves ready for brewing. The leaves picked early in the season create a flavoursome tea which is light and bright in colour.


Have you received one of our Tea Plant Gifts? Send us a video or photos of how you made your tea! Email us at hello@tree2mydoor.com


This versatile plant is compact and evergreen. It will look beautiful with its glossy leaves year round and is perfect for planting in a pot to add a splash of colour to patios, deckings and small gardens.


The new flush of leaves in April are the most valued in tea production. The spring leaves are extremely fragrant and are used to create the ‘premium’ teas. This is why we think the tea plant is the best birthday gift for April. To harvest, pinch the first 2 or 3 leaves from the top plant every 8 to 10 days. These leaves can be dried and used for tea production. Plus the harvest will, in turn, create a larger bushier plant over time.


The tea plant also produces small little white flowers in winter giving this plant yearly seasonal interest. The flowers can be dried and saved to be added to the processed April leaves to create a floral and fragrant flavour.


Make your own tea!


Check out our tea making guide for information on how to grow your own tea at home. The guide covers how to grow and harvest the leaves and process them into white, green and black tea.

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Our tea plant is shipped in a 1.5L pot and will arrive fully gift wrapped. It can be placed out in the garden as soon as it’s received to be enjoyed. It’s super easy to look after and will stay at a manageable size when grown in a pot. The plant will produce a flush of young leaves every year ready to be plucked from spring until late summer.


In the right conditions, tea plants can also be kept indoors and make an interesting houseplant. The yield of tea won't be as high when the plant is kept indoors but it makes a nice little addition to the home.

If you are lucky enough to receive a lush tea plant for your birthday this April then check our tea plant care guide for tips and advice on what to do with it.