Apple a day for National Apple Day

How exciting, National Apple Day is fast approaching on Sunday 21st October and in anticipation of this we are going to post a delicious apple recipe a day leading up to Sunday, we all know how much an apple a day helps! We even have to very special Jam recipes from our good friend Clippy.

Apples are what you should be eating this season. Autumn is the perfect time for biting into a crunchy, juicy apple or for incorporating them in your cooking. Every supermarket has barrels of freshly-picked apples piled high in a rainbow of hues and varieties—from the blisteringly red Royal Gala to the subtly tinged Golden Delicious and the blushing, rosy-cheeked Pink Lady.

It’s great to watch your trees grow and develop over the years, but there is nothing better than making more than one use of your tree gift, apple trees have always been a popular choice of tree as a gift on the Tree2mydoor website and we are thrilled to be celebrating this marvelous and traditional fruit. We stock plenty of different types of apple trees, most of which can be eaten as soon as they have been picked, the Bramley apple is the well know British cooking apple and are better to be eaten after being cooked. In the recipes we have tried to use a variety of our apple stock to make it useful for everyone!

Here at Tree2mydoor we have a special recipe book in our office that we love to have a read of ‘The Hedgerow Handbook’ by Adele Nozedar is full of fantastic things to do with almost anything you can grab from your back garden. We have chosen our first apple recipe from there. Enjoy!

Crab Apple Tree SaplingCrab Apple Cheese
Makes approx. 1kg

1.5kg crab apples
300ml sweet cider
300ml water
soft brown sugar
½ tsp each powdered cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg.

Wash and dry the apples and chop roughly. Put into a pan with the cider and water and simmer until soft. Press the solids through a sieve, weigh, and add 450g sugar to every 600 ml of purée.

Put the apples and sugar into a heavy-bottomed pan and stir over a low heat until the sugar is dissolved. Add the spices, bring the mixture to the boil, then reduce the heat and simmer until the mixture has thickened. keep stirring and don’t let it burn. pour into warmed, sterilised jars, and seal.

This is great with strong cheese and crackers or spooned over ice cream.

Apple tree As usual at Tree2mydoor we are eager to see what you will be doing on apple day, or if you do get chance to make one of our fabulous recipes, please share with us any pictures on our Facebook: Tree2mydoor and our Twitter: @tree2mydoor.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow to get another great Apple Day from a famous friend!