10 Reasons to Send a Tree as a Gift this Father's Day

Let’s face it: most of us don’t think about trees unless it’s Christmas, but a tree’s not just for dressing in coloured in lights and baubles. Trees are more than a shelter for beautifully-wrapped presents; trees aren’t just for Christmas.

Fathers Day Gift Ideas from Tree2mydoor Your Dad will love a tree as a gift!

We appreciate that the first gift that springs to your mind this Father’s Day may not be a tree, but we don’t think there’s a better way to thank Dad for his support and love. Well, you could maybe buy him a pint, but where’s the originality and the thought in that?

From chopping down the Christmas tree, to bringing in the wood for the fire, traditionally, dads have a long-standing history with trees. As they do with being pillars of support for their families. In fact, a little bit of symbolism is a great way to thank dad for his everlasting strength. Here are 10 more reasons why you should choose a tree for your dad this Father’s Day:

  1. Tree gifts are a brilliant way to honour Dad... they symbolise his unfailing care and steadfast support.
  2. A tree gift is a great way for Dad to leave a legacy. Trees can live for decades and, when planted in a family garden, can stay in the family as an heirloom for years to come.
  3. Dads love to putter about with things and admire their handy work—give Dad the chance to relish in satisfaction and awe of his green thumb with a tree gift this Father’s Day.
  4. Is Dad a stickler for wildlife? An abundance of trees helps the world return to its more natural state attracts an abundance of wildlife and birds.
  5. Honour dad this Father’s Day and save the environment with a tree gift. Planting trees can ease our carbon footprint and help reverse some of the damage from global warming.
  6. Help Dad reclaim his youth with an apple tree this Father’s Day. Apple trees symbolise magic and youth and produce tasty ingredients for pies, too.
  7. If your dad’s garden is his sanctuary, a specifically chosen tree could help to liven up the space and make it warmer and inviting.
  8. Trees have been proven to help improve our lives in a variety of ways—from lessening the recovery time of patients after surgery to making environments feel more like home.
  9. Is Dad a keen gardener? Dotting his garden with trees will help delicate flowers and plants survive harsh winter weather since frost is less common underneath trees.
  10. Trees are the gifts that keep on giving, especially fruit trees. Give Dad a cherry tree this Father’s Day and next year, you two could celebrate Father’s Day trying your hand at a homemade cherry pie.