Tree Conservation Information

Tree Conservation Information

Do you represent a conservation organisation that would like to increase fundraising initiatives for your conservation projects?

If your answer is yes, then please read on…

Tree2mydoor Conservation Partners benefit from increased awareness and fundraising opportunities for individual conservation projects. We ask for a firm commitment from our conservation partners to insure that tree2mydoor's dedicate a tree customers benefit from receiving a unique high quality dedication gift.

What is the first stage?

Once your organisation has been assessed and a written agreement signed. A customer gift package will be agreed, your project/s will then ‘go live' on the tree2mydoor website. Visitors to the tree2mydoor website can choose to dedicate a tree to your particular project.

How will my organisation benefit?

As each buyer dedicates a tree to your project, your organisation will receive the surplus money (minus the handling and admin charges) via BACS on a quarterly or monthly basis. Your organisation can mail donation and new member packs through tree2mydoors direct mail system to increase fundraising.

What will be required of my organisation?

Tree2mydoor require each Conservation Partner to commit to an annual, or biannual contract.

Tree2mydoor will require each of the following from your organisation:
  •  Proof that a tree has been dedicated in the name of a customers choice. 
  •  Detailed logs of where the dedicated tree is (preferably via GPS referencing) and who the customer is for the particular tree. 
  •  A specific project information guide (print and online) for customers. 
  •  Bank Account Details

How can I register my interest to become a Tree2mydoor Conservation Partner?

Simply e-mail us at or send us information through the mail by writing to:

Tree2mydoor Ltd
‘Conservation Partners' 
One Central Park
Northampton Road
M40 5BP

Information we require…

Please give us a background to your organisation and the projects you are managing. Please include running costs, requirements, PR activity to date, most recent annual report as well as stating why you want to become a Tree2mydoor Conservation Partner.

If you would like a representative from tree2mydoor to contact you, please e-mail click here for an online e-mail form) giving us your name, organisation and full contact details.