Oak Tree Symbolism and Meaning

The oak tree is a large UK native tree that stands head and shoulders above the rest. It makes up a part of the much larger Quercus family which closely translates to “beautiful tree”. 

Oak Tree

Well known for its beautiful, lobed green leaves and tiny acorns, the oak is cherished across the world as a symbol of wisdom, strength and endurance. 

Read more about Oak Tree Symbolism and Meaning and see why both the ancient Celts and many of us today love this tree.


Symbolism of the Oak Tree

The strong and fervent oak tree rules the seventh month of the Celtic Tree Calendar. With a long history of symbolism, the towering oak tree has deep roots within the realms of strength, wisdom and healing. Proving time and time again to be the embodiment of beauty and power.

The oak tree owes its notoriety to its large size and equally long lifespan. Some oaks have been known to grow to 100ft tall and live for well over 200 years. Those in the presence of the oak tree understood that it’s one to be respected and honoured.

The ancient Celts, Greeks and Romans all held the oak tree in particularly high esteem and it was considered a sign of status to wear the leaves from the tree.

In ancient Celtic lore, the oak tree was often referred to as ‘The Fathers of the Woods’ where he ruled the lands with his ‘Beech Queen’.

Tracing the symbolism back further, the ancient Greeks associated oak trees to their most powerful god - Zeus, the god of thunder. This is recognised due to the oaks seeming ability to attract destructive lightning strikes, even so, the trees show the true nature of their power and remain strong and standing.

Oak trees are an ecosystem within themselves, they provide food, shelter and life for many species of wildlife. The acorns from the oak tree are nutritious and have been previously been used to combat food shortages, whether that be for livestock or human consumption.

Oak bark was also used for many medicinal practices due to its strong astringent properties. Drank in the form of a tea and it was known to treat diarrhoea and dysentery. Applied topically to the skin and it would treat inflamed wounds and skin disorders such as eczema.

Historically, oak tree timber is a highly prized hardwood with sturdy qualities. It’s used across the board to create furniture, in architecture and even building ships.

England, Germany and many other countries have adopted different varieties of oak trees as their national tree and it’s easy to see why. The strong and merciless oak tree shows each of us how to approach life staying steadfast and knowledgable at all times.

Oak Tree Gift

Oak Tree Zodiac

  • Ruled by: the 7th Lunar Month
  • Dates: 10th June - 7th July
  • Ogham Letter: Duir (D)
  • Symbolic Meaning: Wisdom, Nobility, Strength, Intuition, Caring
  • Ruling Planet: Jupiter & Mars
  • Ruling Elements: Water
  • Ruling Season: Summer

People born under the oak sign are said to be strong-minded with deep connections to their history and ancestry. They are extremely caring in nature and will offer their knowledge and comfort to those in need making them great friends to have around. Their positive mindset to life and optimistic enthusiasm for hard work means they can approach all situations in a calm and collected manner offering practical advice and solutions to their loved ones. They love to feel a sense of stability in their life and to be surrounded by close friends and family members. Oak signs bode well in careers such as teaching.

Oak signs are most compatible with Ash, Reed and Ivy signs.

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