The Tree2mydoor Grow Your Love Campaign

Grow Your Love Mission Statement

Are you a old romantic? Do you want to put the love back into your life? If you do, then we can offer the perfect solutions for you!

Let Tree2mydoor Grow Your Love and save you money at the same time. Find out how you can become involved with Tree2mydoor to help to Grow Your Love:


Send a tree gift for Valentines Day

Probably the most romantic Valentines Gift that you could ever imagine. Send a tree to your Valentine to grow for years along with your love and desire! Order a Valentines Tree Gift here.

Enter our Valentines Day Poetry Competition

For a chance to win £100 worth of Tree2mydoor gift vouchers. Plus 50% cash back on your Valentines tree purchase (For purchases made before sending in your poem entry, ends 12th February 12pm).

Enter our Valentines Day Poetry Competition

You can enter by writing your valentines poem and e-mailing it through to us, or by reciting your poem on video and sending your video file to us to be uploaded on the growyourlove Youtube Channel. Find out more about our Valentines Poetry page here.

Send us a video of you proposing to your partner!

Make a short video of a marriage proposal and send it through to us at

Once we receive the video file, it will be assessed for suitability and if it passes, we will upload it onto our growyourlove Youtube channel. We will then contact you to give you the details of where your video is hosted so you can send the link to your partner as the perfect romantic proposal for Valentines day!

Who are the most romantic group of people in the British Isles?

Who are the most romantic group of people in the British Isles?

Send us your funny romantic video to prove that people in your area of the country are most romantic! Is it the Manc's, Cockneys, Glaswegians, Cardiff people, Belfast folk or Dubliners?

Send us your romantic video here

Long distance relationship?

Long distance relationship?

Is your partner overseas when it is Valentines Day or even when its your anniversary or their birthday? Do not let that stop you... Send us your special video message for your loved one and we will add it to our GrowYourLove Youtube Channel so that they get that lovely warm romantic feeling when they see you on the day! Send us your video.

* By sending us your video, you agree to Youtube's terms and conditions and agree to Tree2mydoor's terms and conditions.