Wedding Plant Gifts

Celebrate the most special day in a couple’s lives with something from our Wedding Plants Gifts range. Such a landmark in life deserves gifts that flourish and thrive for years to come as a symbol of your continued love and support.

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Send a Wedding Plant Gift

Our Wedding Plants are the perfect gifts for such a romantic occasion. Standard gifts simply aren’t meaningful or lasting enough to match the sentiments and feelings. Rest assured, friends and family will cherish these living gifts for years to come.

Our Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree is treasured for its effortlessly tropical style. Its lush leaves are layered on a slender stem and happily purify the air you breathe, making life at home for the newlyweds that bit better.

For quirky couples who love things that are different, give them our Swiss Cheese Plant. There is nothing like the perforated leaves of this plant. Their lush colour and intriguing shape offer tropical and contemporary style.

Order now, add a personalised card, and choose a day for UK delivery. We’ll handle the gift-wrapping.