Peach Trees for Sale

There’s nothing better than being able to grow your own fruit. Browse our beautiful collection of peach trees for sale and be well on your way to harvesting delicious, healthy snacks.

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Lifes a Peach!

In China peaches are a symbol of immortality and longevity, and although they aren't originally native to the UK they are able to grow here too. If kept sheltered through frost and cold snaps in the winter they can thrive in most gardens.

Peaches are self fertile and do not require other trees for pollination. However, they are early bloomers and because of this some TLC might be in order to make sure your tree fruits. As the bees havent quite woken up this early you might need to have a go at hand pollinating. With a little brush you can dust the pollen from flower to flower and then sit back and wait for your harvest.

Peaches are fuzzy little fruits with bright yellow and orange flesh, but the skin is sometimes blushed red. There are plenty of peachy dessert recipes out there to try, so why not bake your very own peach cobbler, or mix it up and make a peach crumble? Dont have a sweet tooth? We have a delicious recipe for roast pork with peach gastrique.

The dwarf crimson bonfire tree is a small but stunning tree that makes a wonderful gift or just a treat for yourself. The gorgeous deep purple of the leaves makes an interesting contrast to the green in the rest of the garden. You can also bring this little delight into your home just make sure its in a bright, airy space away from any central heating. A conservatory is perfect.

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