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Browse our range of Orchid Gifts to enrich loved ones homes with life, colour, and fragrance. These elegant indoor plants strike the perfect balance of exotic and contemporary style, happily turning drab spaces into urban jungles. See for yourself! You won’t regret having their wonderful flowers in your home.


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Choose from our selection of Orchid Plants. These flowering plants are the perfect gift for indoor spaces, offering truly unique natural splendour. Homes feel more welcome with the life, colour, and fragrances they offer.

Our Orchid Plant Gift has several cane-like flower stems adorned with glossy, green leaves. These leaves will purify the air you breathe, reducing the risk of headaches, illness, and fatigue. Between January and June, white and purple flowers appear, flaunting their beauty and releasing delicate fragrances.

Our Indoor Orchids thrive in moist, well-drained soil. Place them in a south-facing room near a window to receive bright, indirect sunlight - low light causes poor flowering whereas full exposure can scorch the leaves. Let the top 1 inch of soil dry between waterings. Be sure to place it in a room without central heating - central heating spoils high humidity.

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