Gifts for Grandad

Don’t know what gifts to get Grandad? Have an explore of our personalised gifts for grandad. We specialise in sending trees as gifts, have a look at our gifts for your grandad below.


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Grandad Present Ideas

The patriarch of the family, granddads are often looked up to for inspiration and guidance. They are well-respected and loved, providing their families with wisdom and knowledge. They have seemingly seen and done it all and buying a gift for a grandad can prove to be a rather tricky task.

Were here to help you in your search for the perfect granddad presents. Let's look at three types of granddads and three of our best-selling trees:

The Intellectual Granddad
This type of granddad likes to spend his time re-reading the classicsMoby Dick, Great Expectationsand spending some time each morning with his newspaper and cup of coffee. Concerned about current affairs and of the ilk that one is never too old to learn something new, the perfect gift for the intellectual granddad would be one of our oak tree gifts. Renowned for its massive size and seen as a symbol of strength, your granddad will enjoy growing one of those hearty trees just as much as he enjoys sprawling beneath its heavy boughs in the summertime with a book and a cool drink.

The Retiree
Hes worked all his life and now that hes taken his retirement, he enjoys relaxing with a book or project, looking after the grandkids and tending his garden. He has time on his hands and no longer feels the rush of the fleeting hour, the retiree granddad would be a perfect fit for one of our fruit trees. We have a variety of fruit producing trees from apple trees to citrus trees and walnut trees. Simply choose which type of food you think hed enjoy nibbling most and youll be spoiled for choice.