Thoughtful Valentine's Gifts show you care.

Finding thoughtful Valentine's gifts can be a tricky old business.

While most people would prefer to save more extravagant gifts for birthdays and anniversaries, Valentine's Day is still a good excuse to give the person you love something modest but thoughtful. A gift that reminds them how much you care.

A carefully chosen and personalised plant gift is a fantastic choice to create the ultimate thoughtful Valentines Day Gift.

A Rose Bush Gift for the Old Romantic


Roses truly are a classic symbol of beauty and everlasting love, and one of the most traditional Valentine's gifts we know. A gift of roses will be very meaningful if your partner is a bit of an old romantic, but our rose bushes are a different spin on the classic bunch of cut flowers. Think of it as an everlasting bunch of flowers

Rose bushes ordered for Valentines Day will arrive dormant as Roses naturally go to sleep over winter. However, within 8 weeks will the rose plant will have woken up and will be getting ready to produce beautiful delicate blooms.

With Love rose bushThe  With Love Rose Bush is a particularly apt choice as a Valentines Gift, for obvious reasons. It produces refreshingly crisp white blooms with a light scent that stand out perfectly from the backdrop of bright green foliage.


Met your match? Another great choice for Valentine's Day is the Perfect Match rose bush gift, a bright pink floribunda rose with lightly scented blooms. The splashes of colour from this rose bush will definitely be a perfect match for your valentine’s garden.


For You With Love Rose Bush GiftNone of those the right one for you? Why not consider the For You With Love Rose Bush Gift - a popular variety at this time of year and the blooms say it all. A brilliant vermilion orange blooms are stunning.

All our valentines roses are hand gift wrapped for a very special delivery and can be personalised with a choice of greetings card along with a meaningful message for your love.


A Lovely Lemon Gift for a Zesty Other Half!



Lemon Tree GiftNot everyone will appreciate the sentimentality of a beautiful rose bush! If your partner is a bit of a character with a zest for life, why not consider our lemon tree? It's a brilliant gift that will bring not only bring a smile but also goes show that you know your partner as well as they know themselves!

The Lemon Tree also makes a thoughtful Valentine's gift idea. Especially for someone who loves fresh, delicious food or even a cheeky cocktail and G&T. The tree can fruit up to 4 times a year meaning there’s a fresh supply of tangy lemon year round. We even have a smaller version that is the perfect compact gift for the occasion. So check out our Mini Lemon Tree Gift too, you won’t be disappointed.



Thoughtful Valentine's Gifts: Fruit Tree for the Keen Cook or Health Bunny

Fruit trees make fantastic and thoughtful Valentine's gifts for anyone who enjoys cooking up a storm or eating healthy and delicious food. Perfect for future date nights!

There is something very wholesome and heartwarming about picking and eating fruit that you have grown yourself, something which won't go unnoticed by your partner when they are harvesting crisp and crunchy apples or sweet berries from the bush.

Victoria Plum treesThe Victoria Plum tree is one of our favourite Valentine's fruit trees as it produces some of the tastiest, sweetest plum's you will ever sample.

As an extra bonus, it's available in a dwarf size as well as a full-sized tree that will get to around 13 feet.

Sunburst Cherry Tree

Or you could choose from our selection of high-quality Cherry tree gifts. Most of our varieties will produce cherry blossom in spring and go on to produce delicious sweet cherries in summer, but we also have a range of flowering cherries.


A Lucky Orange Tree to Herald a Happy Year Together


Sweet and Spicy Orange ChutneyIn Chinese culture, tangerines and oranges are seen as symbols of luck and prosperity. This is partly due to the cheery gold toned fruits, but mostly because in Chinese, the words for orange and tangerine are very close to the words for wealth and luck.

With Chinese New Year just passed, why not borrow these citrus symbols as a portent of things you to come in your relationship? Choose your perfect thoughtful Valentine's citrus tree here.

Many citrus varieties are perfect for growing indoors in hallways and conservatories and will fill the house with delicious aromas.

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