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This year, Fathers Day falls on Sunday 20th June; which means it's approaching fast! But there is still plenty of time to find unusual Father’s Day gifts for your Dad, especially with our round-up of top gift ideas below! All of our tree gifts can be ordered for next day delivery right up until 11am Friday 18th June.

If your dad loves gardening, growing his own fruit and veg or even just relaxing outside with a glass of wine, we have a selection of great green gift that he will love. But don't just take our word for it. Have a read of what past customers and gift recipients thought of Unusual Gifts for Dad.



Unusual Gifts for Dad 


The Small Fig Tree Gift, £39.98

"Fabulous, healthy tree, Dad loved it! Great quality of product! Will definitely buy mine here too!!"

Large Fig Tree Gift

The Brown Turkey variety of Fig Tree is the classic choice for growing in British gardens as it is both hardy and bountiful. Our Small Fig Tree Gift, in particular, is fabulous for growing in both a pot and planting in the ground. Dad really will love to receive one of these on Father’s Day.

The tree is delivered in a 4L pot at a height of around 70cm. The tree will have its summer leaves with ripening fruits appearing on the branches. These will fully ripen around 6-8 weeks after Father’s Day in August.

Whether your dad loves eating fresh fruit from the garden or cooking up sweet treats in the kitchen he’ll love to be able to go out and pick his own homegrown figs in late summer.


The Twisted Olive Tree, £50.00

"I got this as a gift for my dad and he was delighted with it! The tree was delivered exactly when it was supposed to be, and was in perfect condition. It had a beautiful twist as described, and plenty of olives already. It has pride of place in the garden and he adores it so much he has even named it!"

Twisted Olive Tree Gift

Is your dad garden proud? Spending time making sure it looks just right? Then he will be over the moon with our Twisted Olive Tree Gift. They look smart growing in a pot on the patio and even better in a pair placed either side of a front door.

Our variety of twisted trees are extremely popular to send as gifts throughout the year but especially on Father’s Day. The stem has the unusual corkscrew shape that brings an imitable style to the garden.

Olive trees are simple to look after and can last for thousands of years. Looking for an unusual gift of a lifetime? I think this might just be the thing. Delivered in a 5L pot and hand-selected the day before delivery. You won’t find a gift much fresher than this.   


The Patio Victoria Plum Tree Gift, £49.99

"The Victoria plum tree was delivered next day and looks to be in excellent condition. We have high hopes for this tree!"


This is one of the nations favourite varieties of plum. If your dad enjoys growing his own fruit he will love a plum tree as an unusual Father’s Day Tree Gift. Our Patio Victoria Plum Tree Gift produces plums that are juicy and sweet. Not only are they delicious to eat straight from the tree but they hold their shape really well when cooked.

If your dad knows his way around the kitchen then he’ll love trying out new dessert recipes with his own organically grown plums.

The tree is delivered in a 10L pot and can be planted out in the garden where it will eventually grow to a height of up to 10ft. The tree will produce beautiful blossoms in the spring and the fruit ripens from late August onwards. 


The Lemon Tree Gift, £59.99

"Thank you very much for two beautiful trees which arrived first thing this morning. I was given one of your trees a year or so back and it has been beautiful and fruited continuously. It has been a great pleasure and I very much expect these two to be as good and give as much pleasure as mine has been to me."

Lemon Tree Gift

Is your Dad a keen gardener, who fancies himself as more than a bit green-fingered? If so, the Lemon Tree would be the perfect unusual Father’s Day Gift.

Your Dad will love growing his own lemons, especially when he takes a sip of that first Gin and Tonic with a homegrown lemon slice! When kept in an unheated conservatory, hallway or porch this tree can fruit up to 4 times a year giving dad a continuous supply of lemons to pick.

Our Lemon Tree Gift is delivered gift wrapped in a 5L pot and while we always try to dispatch the trees with ripening fruits, this is not guaranteed.


The Orange Tree Gift, £59.99

 "It's a lovely healthy tree. I hope I can look after it!"

Orange Tree Gift

The Lemon Tree isn’t the only Citrus perfect for sending on Father’s Day. The Orange Tree Gift produce large, juicy fruits that can be eaten fresh or squeezed into a big glass of fresh orange.

A lifetime supply of organic oranges? We can’t think of a better Father’s Day Gift than that! Just like the lemon tree this can be kept in a bright indoor area away from any central heating

The blossom produced by citrus trees is extremely fragrant and will fill any indoor space with a fresh, delicious scent. 


The Oak Tree Gift, £24.50

"Bought as a thank you a timeless present that will be enjoyed for many years. First class service. We will be using them again"

Oak Tree Gift

It wouldn’t be a Tree2mydoor Father’s Day if we didn’t mention our small yet mighty Oak Tree Gift! In many cultures, the Oak Tree is synonymous with strength and steadfastness, making it the perfect sapling gift to send to your Dad. In Celtic Lore specifically, the Oak is known as the “Father of the Woods”. We don’t think you’ll come across a more sentimental gift to send to dad this year.

The Oak Sapling arrives gift wrapped in a small hessian bag standing around 30-50cm in height. While it may seem small now, don’t be fooled, it will eventually grow to very large heights. We would recommend planting the sapling in a pot first and then out into a more suitable location in around 10 years time. The tree will be delivered with a native tree care guide so that dad knows exactly what to do with it once he’s opened his gift.

Our Father's Day Trees are prime examples of gifts that last a lifetime.


The Grape Vine Gift, £25.99

"Thank you very much. I have never considered growing grapes before but right now it seems like a blooming good idea!"

Red Grape Vine Gift

Is your dad a bit of a wine buff, or does he love to have a project on the go?  Why not buy him a grape vine, and set him the challenge of making his own wine?

We have 2 grape varieties available that your dad is bound to love. Choose between a Red Grape Vine (Brandt) and a White Grape Vine (Lakemont). Both arrive potted in a natural hessian bag ready to be planted against a suitable wall or trellis.

Grapevines don’t take up too much room in the garden and if your dad has a greenhouse then that's even better. Plus, what dad would be expecting a grape vine on Father’s Day?! A perfect present for sure.

See the rest of our Father's Day Plants for more fruity gift inspiration.



We hope we have inspired you to buy your Dad a really unique Father’s Day gift! Why buy your Dad a tie or some socks when you could get him a beautiful, long lasting and even useful tree or plant gift?