Manchester Tree of Hope Trail

To mark the one year anniversary of the MEN Arena Terror Attack, Manchester is coming together with events around the city as a way to pay tribute to the 22 lives lost and the many more that were changed forever.

Manchester Tree of Hope TrailOne part of this public response to the attack is the Tree of Hope Trail that runs between Victoria Station and St Ann’s Square. The plans have been based around two themes - Remembrance; Reflection and Celebration of Life.


Walking to work this morning we saw just a few of the 28 planters that are set to remain in the city centre. The Manchester Bee proudly emblazoned on each side - a symbol now so associated with solidarity and bravery.

Each planter holds a beautiful Japanese Maple tree with specially designed honeycomb tags swinging gently from the branches. The tags read messages of remembrance, solidarity and love.

The compost that the trees are planted in was created from all of the floral tributes that were left across Manchester in the wake of the attack last year.

The Tree of Hope Trail offers the chance to share your own messages and tributes. Volunteers will be out on the 22nd May from 8am to 11pm handing out the tags to those who would like to leave their own personal message. The tags placed on the trees this year will be kept and archived alongside the rest of the tributes.


Manchester Tree of Hope Flowers


If you would like to get involved you can see the full programme of events over on the Manchester Council website.