Top 5 Sustainable Birthday Gift Ideas

Birthdays are an exciting time of the year for anyone, and it's a day to celebrate the gift of life. Although we may love receiving gifts and surprises on our special day, these come with a high carbon footprint. However, it's easy to celebrate a birthday sustainably. Below are 5 sustainable birthday swaps that will make your day even more special this July.

Planting Permanent Roses

Instead of cut roses, why not plant birthday roses? Planting roses is a wonderful way to add beauty to your garden while also reducing your carbon footprint. Not only do they produce beautiful flowers, which give you something to look forward to on future birthdays, but they also attract bees and butterflies, which helps to create a more sustainable environment. Plus, if you plant them in a prominent location in your garden, they will always be there to remind you of your special day.

Mothers Day Roses


The Perfect Add-on

You can also swap out plastic confetti for seedboms. Confetti enhances the atmosphere of any birthday or celebration, but using plastic confetti will negatively impact the environment. Instead, opt for seedboms. This unique product is made from biodegradable materials and contains wildflower seeds. When you throw them, they release the seeds, which then grow flowers. Seedboms are sure to enhance your party without harming the environment.



A Gift that Grows

Another sustainable birthday swap is to opt for an a more permanent gift, such as an Olive Tree Gift rather than a generic birthday gift. Olive trees can provide reliable and long-lasting shade, beauty, and fruits. Plus, ornamental olive tree varieties exist that have unique features like twisted trunks and wavy branches, which will make it a standout feature in your garden. Or, put your gift to work and consider growing an olive grove with an olive tree subscription. This way you can celebrate every birthday with an ample supply of fresh olives.

Easy Birthday Swaps

Instead of using plastic cups, plates, and cutlery that will end up in the landfill, why not opt for reusable crockery. You can rent tableware from local rental stores or even use crockery pieces that your friends and family members have lying around (borrowing is caring!). This way, you can enjoy your birthday without damaging the environment.

Giving back to the plant this Birthday!

Finally, consider having a sustainable birthday party while helping out the planet. Rather than receiving gifts or money, have your guests donate to a charity that supports the environment. This is a simple and thoughtful way to celebrate your birthday and support a good cause. Alternatively, you could plant a native tree in your home to commemorate the occasion! This lasting gesture will be there for decades to come, and Mother Earth will be especially grateful!

native tree sapling

Birthdays are a great time to celebrate life, friends, and family. However, this celebration doesn't have to harm the environment. Celebrating a sustainable birthday can be as simple as incorporating eco-friendly products and practices into your celebration. Try out these five sustainable birthday swaps for your next birthday party, and help make the world a better place all while having fun.