Ruby Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

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ruby anniversary gift guide


This month, Tree2mydoor has come over all red. Why? Well, we seem to have developed a bad case of Ruby Wedding Anniversary fever! A Ruby Wedding Anniversary is a real milestone as it honours 40 years of marriage; to dedicate your life to someone unconditionally for such a length of time is a magical thing.

 Finding the perfect gift for such an occasion may seem like a daunting task, but we are here to help. Our selection of Ruby Wedding Anniversary gift ideas is second to none, and can be delivered across the UK and Ireland straight to the recipients door; perfect if your not able to say 'Happy Ruby Wedding Anniversary' in person. Make your gift even more special by and adding your own message..

Buy one of our lovely living Ruby Anniversary gifts and it will likely live long enough to celebrate a 40th Anniversary of its own!

The Ruby Anniversary Tree

This extra special apple tree has the wow factor, making it a perfect Ruby Wedding Anniversary gift idea. This incredible little apple tree grows red fleshed fruit that is also jam packed with antioxidants. What better representation of everlasting love could you want than the deep red colour of these fruits, that extends right to the core?

Send a Ruby Anniversary Tree for a 40th Wedding Anniversary today.

ruby anniversary apple gift

The Bloodgood Japanese Maple

We think that the perfect 40th anniversary gift  should help to express to your partner what they mean to you. If you are still looking for that perfect anniversary gift for your wife, consider the Bloodgood Japanese Maple tree. Japanese Maples are famed the world over for their grace and beauty. and in Japan they have become synonymous with calm, peace and rest. What a lovely meaningful gift to send to the person you have shared the last 40 years with.

bloodgood maple ruby anniversary

The Ruby Anniversary Rose Bush

The ruby anniversary rose is a classic 40th anniversary gift for a reason! The red rose is an ancient symbol of romantic love that is instantly recognised the world over. This hybrid tea rose variety will grow perfectly formed single blooms on long stems that will make your garden look magical. Each rose bush will come gift wrapped by hand in vibrant red paper, to make the gift look even more special. Send a ruby anniversary rose bush instead of cut flowers for a gift that is long lasting, just like your love for each other.

ruby anniversary rose

The Ruby Red Lemon Tree

The Ruby Red Lemon tree gift is perfect to send as a Ruby anniversary gift. This unusual citrus tree grows lemons which turn a beautiful orange/red colour as they ripen, instead of the usual yellow. This lovely tree can fruit and flower up to four times a year, providing a year round source of lovely lemons!

The fruit of the ruby red lemon tree may be sour, but it will make your anniversary celebration extra sweet!

red lemon anniversary gift

The Red Grape Anniversary Gift

If you are looking for an unusual Ruby Wedding Anniversary gift ideas, a ruby red grape vine is a fantastic option. Once trained to grow on a trellis, a grape vine will add beauty to any garden, as well as producing wonderful sweet red grapes that can also be made into red wine!

Send a ruby grape vine along with a bottle of red wine for a really special Ruby anniversary gift.

ruby anniversary grape vine

Want to make your gift even more special? Send a personalised ruby anniversary gift by  adding a pewter plaque and plinth set to your order. Each pewter plaque can hold a message of up to 80 characters, and is supplied with a FSA approved wooden plinth to mount it onto.

ruby pewter plaque

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