November MyTree Story | Kaffir Lime Tree

Our MyTree Story for November is from one our customers, Maurice Costello. Maurice loves cooking in his spare time and he ordered a Kaffir Lime Tree Gift to send to himself to use when he cooks his favourite Thai food dishes. Maurice ordered his tree back in November 2017 and has been enjoying cooking and eating the leaves from his tree ever since.

Kaffir Lime Tree Gift

Kaffir lime trees are great gifts to send during the month of November because they are evergreen and can be used to add a fragrant addition to Asian cooking.

Maurice had been looking for a Kaffir Lime Tree all over Ireland, he had called and spoken to many garden centres but with no such luck. After a little bit of searching online, he came across our website, saw that we delivered to Ireland and from there he said it was a no-brainer and had to place the order straight away. He stated that the ordering process was perfect and he couldn't have asked for a simpler process and delivery went off without a hitch.

Kaffir Lime Tree LeavesMaurice said that over the summer he has kept his Kaffir Lime Tree in his greenhouse but has now brought it back inside to his living room for the winter. He said that due to the great weather we had over summer that the tree is so full of foliage and looks absolutely lovely. We advised Maurice that it's probably best to not keep the tree in the living room as it will not like the central heating so he has decided to move to his sunny porch instead.

Mr Costello loves recreating many Thai and Asian dishes so finding a Kaffir Lime was important so he could use the fresh leaves and limes straight from the tree. His 13-year-old daughter is a big fan of his cooking and didn't think the flavours in his cooking could get much better. Maurice would usually use dried kaffir leaves from the supermarket but as soon as he added the fresh leaves straight from the tree, his daughter said the flavours of the dish had improved dramatically and it is now one of her favourite Thai dishes to eat.

If you have friends and family who like cooking Thai food just like Maurice, then have a look at our beautifully fragrant Kaffir Lime trees to send as a gift on a special occasion like a birthday. Plus, it will give you a great excuse to pop round to sample the cuisine!

Maurice left us this lovely review on

I ordered a Kaffir Lime Tree as I could not get one in Ireland. I was delivered on the date I chose. It was boxed securely and the tree was delivered in perfect condition. A lovely mature tree with perfect leaves. The fresh leaves will help me with the flavour of my Thai cooking as I previously had to use dried leaves from the supermarket. I have already tried the fresh leaves in my cooking and the flavour is dramatically improved. I would recommend Treetomydoor to anyone.

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