November Gift Guide

Find a unique gift to send this month with Tree2mydoor’s November Gift Ideas. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or wedding that you’re celebrating this month, find a gift that’s a little unusual with a wow factor that can’t be beaten.

November Birthday Gift Ideas


Our November Gifts are a different take on the usual gift-giving tradition. Consider sending a gift that grows this month as an extraordinary way of saying 'Happy Birthday' or 'Happy Anniversary'. A gift that will last a lifetime and give back year after year as a one and only reminder of that very special day.November Birthday Gift Ideas

November Gift Ideas 

The Bay Tree, £43.00

image of a Bay Tree gift in Christmas wrap


 A fragrant tree that's unlike any other - this is a special tree has a bushy head of evergreen leaves is popular in cooking and it smells divine! It will breathe life into the garden during any season but especially over autumn/winter.

Not only will the tree add interest to the garden but the aromatic leaves can be gently picked and dried to be used to add new depths of flavour to cooking so why not send it to a foodie friend for their birthday in November? Or you could send it to the perfect pair for their anniversary this month. We also have a beautiful Pair of Bay Trees for those who have a little more space in their garden!

Mini Lemon Tree, £36.99

image of a Mini Lemon Tree Gift in Christmas wrap

Our Mini Lemon Tree is the perfect gift through and through. The foliage is evergreen and looks utterly impressive year round. The fragrant, white blossoms and zesty yellow fruits are a delight to the senses.

Lemon trees are hardworking and can produce fruits and flowers up to 4 times a year! It’ll be like getting a birthday treat 4 times a year and with fresh lemons to hand year round the recipient can be cooking up a storm in the kitchen creating fresh, flavourful dishes and homemade lemonade. An excellent birthday gift for an aspiring chef.

The smaller pot size means this hardly takes up any room at all and will easily take pride of place on a conservatory windowsill. As long as it’s kept away from any sort of heating it will thrive indoors over the winter and can then be moved outdoors onto a patio in the summer when the sun is shining. Just make sure to bring it back in if the night is going to be on the cooler side.

The Twisted Olive Tree, £44.99

image of a Twisted Olive Tree in Christmas Wrap

 Another Mediterranean favourite to add to the list - the Twisted Olive Tree is a real stunner! The deep emerald leaves, look verdant year-round and sit atop the unusual single corkscrew stem. This Olive Tree has been hand nurtured and turned to create the attractive spiral effect.

It’s a low maintenance tree to care for so it is great to send to even the least green-fingered person. It stays at a compact size and can be kept in a pot for its lifetime. They look extra special when placed on either side of patio doors or decking and will bring joy for years. This tree would make a magnificent gift for any winter occasion, whether it’s a housewarming, winter wedding or birthday.

The Campari Tree, aka Chinotto Tree, £59.99

Chinotto Tree

The Chinotto Tree is a citrusy delight that produces fruits that are famous for flavouring various cocktails and recipes but is probably best known for flavouring the drink, Campari. The tree will produce a bounty of fruit that is similar tasting to a bitter orange. This is a birthday gift for someone who loves a tipple and experimenting with new interesting flavours.

Birthday cocktail nights are definitely on the cards every year with this tree in the house!

Citrus trees are notorious for being slightly more difficult to look after, however, Chinotto is more cold hardy than other varieties making this tree a great starter plant for someone’s citrus tree journey. Kept indoors in an unheated conservatory and this tree will thrive for years producing an abundance of fruit that ripens from September to November.

Dwarf Apple Tree, £49.99 

Braeburn Apples on a Branch

While most apples are ripe for the picking in October, Apple trees come a little later in the season. The fruit will be perfectly ripe around the second week of November when it can be gently twisted from the branches and eaten fresh. This tree will be cherished by an apple or fruit lover and besides who wouldn’t want fresh, delicious apples on their birthday every year?

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Send a Mini Christmas Tree or even a Christmas Bay Tree! Send a Christmas gift that you know will be appreciated and cherished for many years to come.