Lunar New Year Gifts

Lunar New Year is not only celebrated by the Chinese but also by other Asian countries such as Korea and Vietnam. This event marks the beginning of the lunar calendar and is the most important holiday in Asia. Also known as Chinese New Year, it is a time for family reunions, new beginnings, and celebrating luck and prosperity. In 2024, the Lunar New Year will be celebrated on February 10th and the zodiac animal will be the Dragon. If you're looking for the perfect gift to give to your friends or family during this special occasion, then we've got you covered. In this guide, we will give you some gift ideas that your loved ones would surely appreciate.

The Calamondin Tree Gift

Calamondin Tree Gift

 One of the most traditional gifts given during the Lunar New Year is the Calamondin tree. This tree is also known as a "Golden Orange" and is believed to bring good luck and fortune to the recipient. In some Asian countries, this tree is placed in the living room or dining area during the celebration. It is said that the fruit from the Calamondin tree symbolises wealth and abundance, which makes it the perfect gift for Chinese New Year. 

Buddha's Hand Tree Gift 

Buddhas Hand Tree Gift

If you want to give something unique, then the Buddha's Hand tree might just be the perfect gift. This tree is named after its fruit, which is shaped like a hand with fingers pointing upwards. In Asian culture, this fruit symbolises happiness, good fortune, and longevity. The tree is also known for its fragrant flowers and is a traditional offering made to temples during the Lunar New Year. Ideal for bringing colour and fragrance into the corner of any room.

Lemon Tree Gift

Lemon Tree Gift

Apart from the traditional Calamondin and Buddha's Hand trees, you can also give a Lemon tree as a Lunar New Year gift. In Asia, the lemon tree is believed to bring in positive energy and ward off evil spirits. Its fruit symbolises health, happiness, and good fortune. The lemon tree is also a highly popular indoor tree gift for its colour and zesty fragrance, Lemons are very popular in cooking, meaning that having a full tree with homegrown fruit readily available is a really thoughtful gift idea. 

Blueberry Tree Gift

Blueberry Plant Gift

If you want to give something that promotes calmness and relaxation, then a blueberry bush might just be the perfect choice. In Asian culture, the blueberry symbolises calmness and, in particular, tranquillity. The bush is also said to promote good health and well-being. Although the Blueberry Gift is not a traditional Lunar New Year Gift, is is one that is steeped in meaning and symbolism. The blueberry bush gift is easy to care for and can be grown in pots or in borders, a popular choice for those wanting to bring some easy colour into the garden

Apple Tree Gift

Dwarf Apple Tree Gift

Lastly, if you're looking for an outdoor gift that is a real statement, the apple tree gift is a beautiful idea as a Lunar New Year gift. In Asia, the apple symbolises peace, harmony, and longevity. This tree is also known for its beautiful flowers and particularly juicy fruits that are a mainstay in many culinary dishes. The apple tree is very hardy and easy to care for and can be grown in a pot or planted out into your loved ones' garden. 

Lunar New Year is a special occasion and giving a gift to your loved ones during this time is a great way to show your appreciation and love for them. Whether you choose the traditional Calamondin or Buddha's Hand trees or opt for something unique like the blueberry tree or apple tree, any of these gifts will surely be well-appreciated. You can have your gift delivered straight to your loved ones door, or for a little extra twist, you could have it delivered to your home so that you can wrap your living gift in in red or gold to signify luck and prosperity. Happy Lunar New Year!