January Tree of the Month 2019 | Mini Olive Tree

Start your gift giving off right this year with our January Tree of the Month. Perfect for sending to many occasions this month like birthdays, anniversaries and even January weddings. This is the perfect gift for that person who has everything and will

January’s tree of the month is looking absolutely lovely right now, brings us to our Mini Olive Tree.


January's Mini Olive Tree


Mini Olive Tree GiftOur mini olive tree is the cutest thing you’ll see this year and it’s only January! This little guy has frosted evergreen leaves that will add some well-needed greenery to the garden after cold winter. A branch from an olive tree is considered a symbol of peace and friendship and this will make it a great gift for a friend with a January birthday.


If you have that one friend that loves Mediterranean food, this is a birthday gift that will bring a miniature Mediterranean to them. With the right amount of sun, they can grow their own olives and try making their own tapas dishes.


Two of these Mini Olive Trees would make a wonderful gift. They are delivered in a gift wrapped 1.5L bowl-shaped pots and would be lovely to receive for an anniversary or January wedding.


As a way to express condolences in Italy, it’s popular to send or plant olive trees in remembrance to lost loved ones. They are a symbol of peace and as they are long-lived trees it will be there for hundreds of years later still carrying the memory making it a lovely idea for a tree memorial.


These trees are particularly compact making them ideal for any patio or balcony garden. They can be grown in a container with minimal care


Though usually used to the Mediterranean, olive trees are surprisingly hardy in the UK. With a little bit of extra protection in the winter from frost, they will thrive in a sunny spot in the garden where it can get up to 6 hours of sunlight a day. They love well-drained soil. Check out our Olive Tree Care Guide for more tips and advice.