January 2019 MyTree Story | Golden Wedding Anniversary Tree Gift Pack

Our MyTree Story for January is from one our customers, Duncan who sent his parents a Golden Wedding Anniversary Tree Gift Pack which contains one of our lovely little crab apple tree gifts.


Crab Apple Sapling in a Jute BagDuncan's parents live in a manor house on the Isle of Wight. They have a large garden filled with many different trees and plants. In his retirement years, his father takes great pleasure and time in taking care and maintaining the garden. A lot of the trees around the garden are very old and have been there for hundreds of years. Duncan wanted to get his parents something extra special as it was coming up to their 50th Wedding Anniversary. He chose something that would make a special addition to their garden that would remind them of their special day.

The Crab Apple Tree is known to the ancient Celts as the “Tree of Love” making it a sentimental gift for a special anniversary. Our tree saplings are in their dormancy stage throughout January meaning they are still looking a little bare. The saplings will first to life in spring and now is a great time to plant them.

Not only do Duncan’s parents have a large garden but they are also a part of the National Gardening Society. Their garden is open to the public twice a year so that people can walk around and enjoy the scenery. We love to think that their crab apple tree will now be a part of this for years to come.


Crab Apple Sapling in a BoxDuncan thought the tree was a great concept to send as a gift and came across the idea when searching online. He loves knowing that it will last many years longer than your usual bunch of flowers.


Our Golden Wedding Anniversary Tree Pack comes with a solid pewter plaque and wooden plinth. Engrave the plaque with a personal message and place it in front of the tree to commemorate the occasion.


Do you know a special couple with a 50th wedding anniversary coming up? Our tree gift packs are a romantic gift to celebrate 50 years of love and marriage. The “Tree of Love” is the perfect eco friendly, long lasting alternative to a bunch of flowers. A crab apple tree will be loved and cherished for years to come.


If you've been sent one of our tree gifts from friends and family and would like to register it, head over to our MyTree Registration page and let us know your story.