Coral 35th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas

Our selection of coral anniversary gifts may be small, but each of these plant gifts is so beautiful, you'll still struggle to choose!

Once you've decided on the perfect gift to send, don't forget to include a Happy Anniversary Card, with your own special message to the celebrating couple. We can then make sure the coral anniversary gifts you have chosen are beautifully gift wrapped before delivering them straight to the recipient's door.

Happy Anniversary Rose Gift, £27.98

Happy Anniversary Rose

Our Happy Anniversary Rose Gift is understandably a very popular option for those that are looking to buy the perfect Coral wedding gift. It is a hardy breed of floribunda rose, meaning that it produces dense clusters of roses that are well adapted to the British climate.

Each year the blooms will return to provide delicate scent and wonderful colour to any outdoor area, making it a beautiful Coral wedding gift.

Satsuma Tree Gift, £49.99
Satsuma Orange Tree for Sale

If you're looking for an unusual Coral Anniversary gift, we think a satsuma tree is a really fun idea. The glossy evergreen leaves and full orange fruits will brighten up the conservatory in winter and the patio in summer.

The tree will also produce up to four crops of satsuma's every year, which the couple can make into marmalade, or eat straight from the tree. Don't forget to include some citrus feed to keep the 35th wedding anniversary gift happy and healthy!

It is also worth mentioning that our Mini Kaffir Lime Tree is a really great alternative to the Satsuma tree as it is a dwarf citrus tree. While it isn’t coral-coloured as such, it is much smaller and could be a better fit for smaller spaces.

Coral 35th Anniversary Rose, £27.98
Coral 35th Anniversary Rose Bush

Arguably, the most appropriate and fitting gift for a 35th wedding anniversary is the Coral Anniversary Rose. This rose is of the floribunda variety and can be potted or planted in a garden.

The Coral anniversary rose is known for being a bee and butterfly favourite, so it is a really lovely choice for bringing wildlife into an outdoor space.

Pink Blueberry Plant, £23.99
Pink Blueberry Plant Gift

The Pink Blueberry plant is a really fun way to celebrate a coral wedding anniversary. This variety of sweet blueberry is famous for its pink hue, pair this with its hardy nature and you have a really unique anniversary gift!

This variety of blueberries produces fruit flowers in the spring and tasty berries in summer, so it’s an ideal gift during the warmer months of the year.


If you're looking to complete your Coral Anniversary Gift, then you can add one of our lovely, personalised cards to you order at the checkout.