Coral 35th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas

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Our selection of coral anniversary gifts may be small, but each of these plant gifts is so beautiful, you'll still struggle to choose!

 Once you've decided on the perfect gift to send, don't forget to include a Happy Anniversary Card, with your own special message to the celebrating couple. We can then make sure the coral anniversary gifts you have chosen are beautifully gift wrapped before delivering it straight to the recipient's door.

Start by choosing the 35th wedding anniversary gift...

Coral Anniversary Blessings Rose, £24.98

Blessings Rose Bush Gift

Send your blessings on a very special day with this beautiful coral rose bush gift.

This Coral  Anniversary rose bush gift is a hybrid tea rose, so will grow a profusion of perfect roses, one on each long stem of the bush.


Satsuma Tree Gift, £49.99

Satsuma Tree Gift

If you're looking for an unusual Coral Anniversary gift, we think a satsuma tree is a really fun idea. The glossy evergreen leaves and full orange fruits will brighten up the conservatory in winter and the patio in summer.

The tree will also produce up to four crops of satsuma's every year, which the couple can make into marmalade, or eat straight from the tree. Don't forget to include some citrus feed to keep the 35th wedding anniversary gift happy and healthy!


Sweet Dreams Rose, £24.98

Sweet Dreams Rose Gift

If you love the idea of sending a coral anniversary rose bush, but a smaller plant that can live in a pot on the patio would suit the recipients better, the Sweet Dreams patio rose bush is the perfect choice.

This miniature rose bush will grow to a maximum height of 50cm, but the coral anniversary roses it produces will make a real impact on the garden.


Japanese Sunrise Maple Tree Gift, £36.99

Sunrise Japanese Maple Tree

Japanese Maple trees are truly stand out little trees. They have a graceful shape and delicate foliage, but what really sets them apart are the vivid colours that these trees achieve, especially in Autumn.

You won't find a better Japanese maple tree to send as a coral anniversary gift than the Japanese Sunrise variety. As Autumn commences, the leaves will turn vivid yellow and orange, which from a distance will look deep coral.

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