Cold Weather Warning- Delays Expected

When it comes to shipping living trees and plant gifts, winter weather can pose significant challenges. Snow and frost can lead to harsh conditions that may affect the health of the trees while in transit. The cold temperatures can cause the trees to suffer, and in some cases, they may even arrive at their destination dead.

Proactive Measures for Safe Deliveries

Aware of these potential risks, at Tree2mydoor, we take necessary precautions to ensure the well-being of our living gifts. This sometimes means holding back on deliveries until we can guarantee the trees won't suffer in the cold. Our priority always lies in delivering healthy, thriving trees to our customers, even if that requires a little bit of patience during the colder months. 

Possible Delays Due to Weather Conditions

Furthermore, the snow and frost can also lead to logistical issues, causing delays for our couriers. Reaching certain addresses can become a struggle due to slippery roads or blocked paths. In these situations, we appreciate your understanding and assure you that we're working diligently to deliver your orders as safely and promptly as possible. 

Importance of Planning Ahead

If you're looking to send a living tree or plant gift during the winter season, it's always best to plan ahead and allow for potential delays. While we strive to ensure timely deliveries, factors beyond our control may cause some unforeseen delays. By planning ahead and being patient, you can help us in our mission to deliver beautiful, healthy trees and plants to your loved ones. 

At Tree2mydoor, we're committed to providing the best possible service to our customers while also prioritising the health and well-being of our living gifts. Winter weather can present challenges for deliveries, but with proactive measures and understanding from both us and our customers, we can ensure safe and successful shipping even in the colder months. Let's work together to spread the joy of nature all year round!

For any questions and queries about your order please contact and our customer service team will do everything they can to help.