Christmas Holly Tree Gift Guide

Holly has always been an enduring symbol of Christmas. Holly designs on Christmas cards, holly wreaths hung on the door and we can’t forget ‘The Holly and the Ivy’.  Its iconic spiky leaves and bright red berries announce proudly that the festive season is here and it’s time for gifts, family, and food.

Browse our Christmas Holly Tree Gift Guide and find unique gifts to send to your friends and family this Christmas. 

Send a Festive Holly as a Unique Gift for Christmas


Christmas Standard Holly Tree Gift


Christmas Holly Tree Gift

Our Christmas Standard Holly Tree looks resplendent all-year-round. Its slender trunk topped with the spiky, evergreen leaves we all cherish in winter.

This gift arrives with a height of 90-95cm in a 19cm )3L) pot. It is delivered gift-wrapped with a delightful bow, so you don’t have to worry about wrapping. It happily thrives in a pot on patios, balconies, and driveways and can also be planted. 

Christmas Holly Bush Gift


Christmas Holly Bush Gift

Customers treasure our Christmas Holly Bush Gift. This charming bush is small in size but full of beauty. Its evergreen leaves offer year-round contemporary style. Spring encourages fragrant blossom to grow, inviting butterflies, birds, and bees to the garden. When female holly bushes mature, the blossom gives way to bright red berries, a treat for our furry and feathered friends before hibernation. 

This gift is delivered arrives with a height of 50cm (1.5ft) in a 25cm (7L) pot and is gift-wrapped in festive colours with a bow on top. It happily thrives on patios, balconies, and driveways, so those with small spaces can still enjoy this gift. 

Christmas Holly Sapling Gift


Christmas Holly Sapling Gift

Our Christmas Holly Sapling Gift isn’t just for one Christmas, it’s for many. This living gift will last for years to come, making each celebration special. As a Celtic symbol of peace, rebirth, and goodwill, it is the perfect sentiment for Christmas and the new year. 

The slender holly sapling arrives in a gorgeous hessian bag and purpose made box at a height of 50-60cm. Its spiky, evergreen leaves look exquisite all-year-round. In around 4 years, female holly trees start to produce bright red berries that birds love to eat. 

Golden King Holly Tree Gift


Golden King Holly Tree

For a holly gift with a larger presence, give our Golden King Holly Tree Gift. This ornamental tree has bold green leaves with golden edges atop a slender trunk. It offers the tradition of holly with a contemporary style. Inquisitive birds love to eat the red berries the female holly trees produce in autumn. 

This tree arrives with a height of 1m (4ft) in a purpose-made box.

Make a lasting impression this Christmas with our festive holly gifts. We have plenty of other unique Christmas gifts available too, just head over to our main website. 

Order before 11am on 23rd December for next day delivery on Christmas Eve. Please bear in mind that this is a busy time of year for everyone, especially the couriers. To avoid disappointment we recommend ordering a little bit earlier.