Choosing The Right Tree Gift This Father's Day

For years people have fallen victim to stock gift giving, wandering into local shops and purchasing the usual gifts associated with any given holiday or milestone. You know: the obligatory blender for the newlyweds, the commemorative plaque for the retiree and the old tie and handkerchief combo for dad...

Unique Fathers Day GiftsWe all get sucked into the trap of stock gift giving—maybe it’s because we’re too busy to stop and think about a better gift or because wandering into a shop and plucking up the first World’s Greatest Dad mug is a mindless errand. Perhaps, you haven’t even realized you’ve fallen prey to stock gift giving!

Don’t worry, we can help you. This Father’s Day, say sayonara to nondescript, run-of-the-mill gifts. Kick your habit of settling for presents that are just “good enough”—get your dad something unique, something that he won’t forget, something that can’t be shoved in the back of the wardrobe and forgotten about!

Choosing the right trees as gifts for your dad is simple. Whether your dad is a horticultural god or if he just enjoys a good potter about in the garden, buying him a tree gift will show him that you know what’s important to him. It will also remind him how much you love him. Don't worry about his level of experience, we have tree gifts to suit every skill set, from the newbie gardener to the planting pro.Buy a Bramley Apple Tree for Fathers Day

If your dad’s a dab hand in the kitchen and likes to know where his ingredients come from, a fruit bearing tree gift would be our top suggestion. We have orange, lemon, apple and pear trees that come ready to plant or pot and in a year or two, dad could jazz up his dishes with fruit from his own garden. Even if he likes to just "bring home the bacon" and allow someone else to whip it up into tasty meals, a fruit bearing gift would be an excellent choice.

Perhaps you’re in the market for a more symbolic Father’s Day gift? Something to illustrate that your dad has been a constant source of support and strength in your life? If so, allow us to nudge you in the direction of our oak tree gift. It starts out as a sapling but with love and nurturing, will grow into a massive oak with strong branches and thick boughs. It’s the perfect way to remind dad that you appreciate his never-ending strength and love.

No matter what tree gift you choose for your dad, you can rest assured knowing that he’ll enjoy it. This Father’s Day, beat stock gift giving and show your dad you love him with a unique gift that he’ll actually use. Besides, he already knows he’s the world’s greatest dad.