August Tree of the Month 2019 - Hazel Tree Gift

Our tree of the month for August has to go to our charming Hazel Tree Gift, a stand out gift for nature and cooking lovers alike.


Tree of the Month of August

Hazel Tree LeafHazelnuts can be eaten fresh straight from the branches or savoured and roasted over an open fire. The Hazel Tree is perfect for someone who appreciates crunch and flavour in their dishes, an ideal gift for a fellow foodie. August is the perfect time to send loved ones a Hazel Tree Gift; once the tree has matured they can watch as the hazelnuts ripen throughout the month of August ready for the picking in September.

If that isn’t enough reason to purchase a Hazel Tree in August, it just so happens the Hazel Tree is the Celtic Horoscope sign for those born from August 5th to September 1st, making this the ideal gift for an August birthday. (Check out our Holly Tree Gifts for those of you born before August 5th). Find out the rest of the tree zodiacs in the Celtic Tree Calendar.

The tree was also strongly associated with Brighid, the god of fertility, healing, and poetry. Hazel was so revered, the cutting down of an ancient Hazel Tree was punishable by death! Druids believed they could learn new skills and wisdom by eating hazelnuts, as such, those facing life’s challenges were often gifted them. Maybe you know someone who is in need of Hazel Tree this August.

The Celts also believed that Hazel was the “Tree of Knowledge” - if you've been looking for a unique graduation gift for this month? Look no further.

Now this tree isn’t just suitable for birthdays and graduations, this tree is perfect for unique too! In past times it was a tradition for children to give the gift of a bag of hazelnuts to the bride as a way to bless her with good fortune in her future marriage. Take this tradition and turn it on its head and send a whole hazelnut tree instead. While the tree grows in the lucky couple's garden we can hope that it brings even more happiness and good luck that just a bag of hazelnuts.

Hazel Tree Leaves and NutsHazel Trees grow to around 20ft (6m) tall, best suited for medium sized gardens. If cut and laid, Hazel Trees can make a strong, dense hedge. They can also be grown in a pot for the first few years of their lives but will then need to be planted out in a more suitable location where it can grow to its full potential. If you want a Hazel tree with a twist then our
Hazel Truffle Tree will do the trick. They have all the beauty of our Hazel Trees with the added bonus of producing native truffles once the tree has matured.

Send a Hazel Tree as an unusual birthday gift in August and they won’t be disappointed. For more interesting gift ideas this month check out our full August Gift Guide!