Back in 1962! | Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Commemorate this whopping milestone with your forever love. Did you know that you or a couple you that you know have been in matrimony since 1962? That’s a lifelong soulmate!

Shop from our range of trees and plants that are guaranteed to bring a smile to that special someone on a Diamond Anniversary. We also have a few interesting facts about what occurred during this iconic time of the 60's that we believe will bring a smile to those who find them nostalgic.

To remember this momentous celebration of love and triumph, have a blast at the past and see the interesting events that transpired during the wedding year! We gathered the most recognisable and significant for you to take a look at!

1962: The Facts 

The legendary band, The Beatles first hit song “Love Me Do” was released in 1962, and peaked at number 17 on the U.K. singles charts! This was the first year that the boy began to release music and became a thing of legend in the music industry worldwide.


The Sunday times newspaper


The Sunday Times becomes the first newspaper to print a colour supplement, having anything printed or shown in colour back then was a rarity, so this was a huge deal that many young adults of the time may remember!


Actor Tom Cruise

Did you know that one of the world's most well-known actors, Tom Cruise, was born in 1962? Truly an iconic man that almost everyone is aware of. Well, apart from the newer generation of course!


Our top Diamond Anniversary picks


Anniversary Tree Gift Pack



Anniversary Tree Gift Pack for diamond anniversary


Mark a decade milestone with our one of a kind Anniversary Tree Gift Pack! We have a range of saplings to browse from, each having its own rich history in varying cultures with an equal amount of differing connotations that will be guaranteed to entice any couple. It’s a perfect selection for you and your partner to pick out the most impeccable choice as a 60th Anniversary Gift.


Mini Lemon Tree



Mini lemon tree gift for diamond anniversaries


Due to its delightful symbolism alongside plentiful benefits, we think the Mini Lemon Tree is an ideal and eccentric gift to express the appreciation, adoration and romance that has been going strong for 60 whole years! And will continue to bloom for many years to come in the future, it will sit pride of place in any setting and will give zesty fruit and fragrant flowers up to 4 times a year!


White Grape Vine Gift



White Grape Vine Gift for Diamond anniversary


Gift the White Grape Vine gift to a your soulmate and they will never forget it. Every year they will be greeted with tasty, bunches of grapes ripening throughout their anniversary month. Our white grape variety is high yielding and disease resistant. The dessert grapes that it produces are delicious to both eat fresh and use in the production of wine, so a wine-drinker will love to receive this gift so they can brew their own batch of homemade wine for the special day!