Noble Fir Christmas Sapling

Abies nobilis

12 Months Warranty

This Noble Fir Christmas Sapling comes with a 12 Months Warranty to make sure your recipient is completely happy.

The Noble Fir is an up and coming lady to the Christmas Tree market. Her characteristic horizontal branches are sought after by a growing select and she won't shed her needles. Miss Noble Fir will arrive at your door between 20 and 40 cms tall and can grow up to 45m if not pruned.

  • Growing to 150ft (45m), layers of horizontal branches from the characteristic regular outline of the Noble Fir.
  • It is a hardy tree withstanding the wind and snow on exposed northern sites even where the soil is poor, making it a viable timber tree in some upland forests.
  • In the less rugged south, the noble fir often sickens and sometimes dies attacked by woolly aphids which destroy the terminal bud.
  • It also fares badly in the shade or on very chalky soils.
  • It has gained tremendous popularity in recent years as a Christmas tree as it holds its needles even in centrally heated environments.

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