Love you Mum Tree Box

Crab Apple Tree and Love in a Bag


Your Mum is the ultimate love that you will share for the rest of your life. The gift that is given should encapsulate that perfectly, with the Crab Apple tree it will for a lifetime. The Crab Apple Tree Gift is a Tree of Love, to make special all the love that you and your mum share. With this My Mum Tree Gift Box she will not only get a Tree of Love but also the Flowers of Love with her very own love in a bag.

The ideal time to give the My Mum Tree Gift Box is Mothers Day. Imagine giving a gift that she will be able to cherish always and forever, giving her a loving reminder that you will always be there. Your mum will always be able to look in the Garden and see her very own piece of you, growing beautifully just like she watched you grow.

The Crab Apple Tree Gift is a baby that will arrive at around 30cm tall. This will allow your mum to watch it grow for many years to come. The Crab Apple gift is deciduous, just like most native UK Trees and will be just as beautiful in the winter as it will in the Summer. The Love in a Bag will provide 10sqm of beautiful red poppies to really brighten up a summer garden or meadow. With the My Mum Tree Gift Box it really is perfection in a gift.

Crab Apple Tree

  • The Crab Apple tree is native throughout the British Isles, they can grow to a maximum of 30ft (9m) if not pruned.
  • The Crab Apple tree is a small spreading tree often with a dense crown and large twisted branches.
  • Delicate white flowers provide an autumn crop of Crab Apples and although the fruit is bitter it can be made into jelly, jam and wine.
  • The Crab Apple tree can provide an excellent food source for birds.
  • Somewhat surprisingly Crab Apple trees can take cutting back very well and is an interesting component that can be included in traditional hedgerows.

Love in a Bag

  • Show someone how much you love them with our unique 'Love in a Bag' native wildflower seed gift.
  • The vibrant reds and pinks in this mix make a special eco friendly "I love you" gift.
  • Let the love blossom in your garden and let your local wildlife enjoy it too!
  • Each bag contains 10g of native wildflower seed.
  • This is enough to cover up to 10sqm.

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