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Japanese Alpine Cherry Tree Gift

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Color — Ruby Japanese Alpine Tree


Searching for the perfect gift? Look no further than a Japanese Alpine Cherry Tree Gift! This hardy and beautiful tree, Prunus nipponica 'Brilliant', is sure to transform any garden into an eye-catching paradise. With this gift, you can give the special person in your life a long-lasting reminder of your love for them all year round! 

The tree is naturally bushy and has chestnut brown branches that showcase its rusty bronze foliage in the spring. The mid-green leaves turn an attractive orange and red colour come autumn, making it a wonderful seasonal addition to any yard or patio. But equally as beautiful are its pink and white single flowers; small yet striking, these petals will instantly bring some much-needed delight as soon as they open in April. Speaking of delighted, even bees will be happy to pay their respects to this stunning cherry tree! 

Whether you’re looking for a birthday or anniversary gift, the Japanese Alpine Cherry Tree Gift is a great choice. It is quite tolerant of most conditions - though not very wet or chalky sites - so it can live almost anywhere. Plus it won’t take up too much space either; expect this charming tree to reach around 2m x 2m after 20 years of growing. 

  • A variety of dwarf Japanese cherry tree
  • Hardy tree variety
  • Blooms in Spring with pink and white flowers
  • Avoid wet and chalky soil
  • Position in a full-sun location

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