When Do Citrus Trees Grow Fruit?

Gardening can be a rewarding experience. There's nothing better than enjoying the fruits of your labour, quite literally. Citrus trees are one of the most commonly grown types of plants in any garden. If you're a citrus enthusiast wondering when different types of citrus trees grow fruit in the UK, this step-by-step guide is for you.


  1.  Lime Trees

Lime trees are prevalent in the UK, and they rapidly produce fruit.

Limes should only be grown in a pot as a dwarf lime tree to allow them to grow indoors.

Typically, they will start to produce fruit ten months to two years after planting.

The best time to plant dwarf limes is in the early spring.

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  1. Lemon Trees

Lemons are a favourite of the British as they are used in several meals and drinks.

Lemon trees like sunlight and need at least six hours a day to grow well.

They typically take about three years from planting to produce fruit.

The best time to plant lemon trees is in late summer to early autumn.


  1. Grapefruit Trees

Grapefruit is a unique and tangy citrus fruit that grows well in the UK.

They require well-drained soil and plenty of sunlight – it's essential to plant them in an area where they can get up to eight hours of direct sunlight.

They can grow up to eight meters in the right conditions and produce fruit for over seven months a year.

The best time to plant grapefruit trees is in the late summer months.

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  1. Orange Trees

Oranges take time, effort, and patience before they will produce fruit.

They require warm temperatures so the UK might not be ideal, but it still grows well here.

Oranges trees usually yield fruit three to four years after planting, and they need a lot of sunshine.

The best time to plant them is in the early spring.

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  1. Mandarin Trees

Mandarins are ideal for smaller gardens. They can tolerate a small amount of frost and grow well on bare rootstock.

Mandarins will produce fruit the following year, making them a quick-returning investment.

The best time to plant them is in the early spring or late autumn.

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Growing citrus trees in the UK requires patience, the right environment, and a love of gardening. If you're interested in growing your citrus trees and want to enjoy the fruits of your labour, taking note of the steps provided above will help ensure a bountiful yield. Remember to choose the right type of citrus tree for your garden and plant it in the best spot to enable it to grow optimally. With a little effort and attention, you can successfully grow citrus trees in the UK.