Valentine's Day Poetry Competition 2021 Entries

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Our 2021 winning entry was written by Bella Tilley from Bristol, have a read of her poem here:
I used to think that Valentines was just for lovers,
But that completely changed when I became a mother.
Not mum to one, not two but three,
From little seeds blossoming into budding trees.
I water you with unconditional love,
You bring me sunshine even with no sun above.
Suddenly we found ourselves locked indoors,
We thought we couldn't go and enjoy ourselves any more.

But as long as I have you my dears, thats all I need,
This Valentines, I will celebrate my love for you and that is true love indeed.

Bella Tilley, 32

The rest of the 2021 Valentines Poems Entries...

To my Valentine,

So I promise into the future,
through space and time through the future
like a foggy sunset

I gaze upon your golden smile, for we are
connected, connected, to never abolish
I give you my love
Happy Valentine's Day, my love

Zoe Glazebrook
Age 31


Would you?

Would you like to be my soulmate?
Would you like to be the one?
That leads me to the starting line and joins me where I run.

Would you think it less a duty?
Would you see it more a gift?
That you should prove the backbone behind every stone I lift.

Would you see the world through my eyes?
Would you care to make them glow?
With mirrored glimpses of the wondrous things you see and know.

Would you ask me but one question?
Would you see me answer true?
Hence, find in me the soulmate, that I dare to find in you.

Pete Smith
Age 40


To my husband:

When we first met we were fifteen
You were fabulous - my teenage dream
Now we've had 47 years of laughter
And You're still my "happy ever after"
I'd love you to enjoy Valentine's Day
So hope this fabulous prize comes our way

Sue Barton, Doncaster


On Valentine's Day we think of those we love,
We send gifts and cards and booze.
But if the earth was our Valentine
What do you think it would choose?

I think it would ask for many more trees -
They are what helps it breathe.
Less plastic in the ocean, less travelling around,
Is that something we could achieve?

So let's all think of the Valentine
Which is vital for every living thing -
Because it will always look after us
And we don't have to buy it a ring!

Hazel Rea, Colchester


I would love to be able to tell you

Of the love I hold inside.
I would love to be able to share with you
That my love has never died.
When you were still here, I loved you then,
And had promised I always will,
But now you are no longer here
I know I love you still.

Yvonne Dimbleby
(Age 64)


Lockdown Love Blues

My love is like a red, red rose
Her eyes shine bright and bloom
We're forced so many miles apart
But still, we meet on zoom!
So deep in love with my bonnie lass,
She looks so sweet and fair,
Her beauty shines through thick and thin,
Despite the scraggly hair.
Till Nicola lifts restrictions, love
And Covid ends its fun,
I will love thee still, my dear
While the sands of life shall run
So fare thee well, my one true love
Stay safe, wash hands, wear mask,
Until we meet again my love
When vaccines do their task.

Neil Gauld, Edinburgh


Valentine Card to an Office Colleague

Your eyes are clear and bright and kind.
Your complexion, youthful and unlined.
I think you're very well designed -
slim and slender, shapely, svelte and streamlined.
You have no fault that I can find.
You are the best of womankind.

Till I first saw you, I never yearned or pined.
My love was like Switzerland -
But I've left my passionless past behind.
Those indifferent days have been Auld Lang Syned.
Now I have such a lovesick mind
that if I write I Love You - it's underlined.

If you weren't here to ease the daily grind
I would have long ago resigned.
I'd ask you out to be wined and dined
but your heart, with someone else's, is entwined.
You'll never know this poem's mastermind.
Valentines, by tradition, remain unsigned.

Duncan Fraser
Age 66


Love and Nature

Love and nature go hand in hand
for a stroll along the road, park, forest, cliff or grand promenade.

Each and every individual petal with its blemish or leaf with its lines only compliments the next.

A fleck of golden in her eyes
Can you imagine the surprise
When she sees
The beautiful bouquet.

The freshly fallen snow that gently unveils the daintiest flowers on the ground when it melts away to reveal what’s found.

Plants preserved in a frosty glittery iced mirrors reflections.
While beads of glass turn cobwebs into the most exquisite jewelled necklace.

The brightest red berries daring to bare all contrasted by the darkest greenest sharpest thorns and holly leaves.

The sun struggling to fight through the clouds with beams shooting through like lasers on a cold and frosty morning.

Emma Rada


Thirty years we have been together
Our marriage still well in tact
I think it's probably fair to say
We make a good old 'double act'.
We've had our shares of ups and downs
We've been through thick and thin
But my wife, she is a diamond
There's no way I'd trade her in!

Gerard McCrory, Belfast


The Valentine Rose

If the rose, did forever bloom,
would not our joy be always full?
Would we stay drunk on sweet perfume,
with sight transfixed on petalled jewels?

We would, I fear, dismiss the thrill,
soon tire from such a constant gift:
let garden follow nature's rule
and patience govern every wish.

Let our love be like a healthy rose,
which has in winter no bold display,
and honour all that life bestows,
with faith that blooms are on the way.

Carl Ross, Ipswich


Valentines day
Is not for us we say.
Long years have past,
We have made it, at last

A passing phase I fear
As we shed a quiet tear
To those who have not stayed
Their paths seemed to have strayed

Next year we will cheer
To the passing of a year
Its still not for us we say
At the end of another Valentines day.

Sam Randall



Despite your age
You are in my heart,
A special part of my life.

You make me smile,
I'd run a mile to meet you
If I could.

But you're miles away,
My legs are frail.
The heart is willing
But the legs are not.

Eileen Spencer Trott, Reading


There was a young lady from Cork
Who ate very little but pork
She devoured the hog
Whilst sat on a log
And never thought of using a fork

One day she met a young man from Tralee
She spotted him whilst he was having a pee
He told her that he also loved pork
But he also said that he had never been to Cork
He thought that he was safe as he hid behind a tree

They named the tree "my love"
And it reminded them of a dove
In deep love they fell
Up hill and down dell
It fitted them like a glove

They loved the tree for ever and a day
It made their love feel bright and gay
Their romance blossomed for ever and more
They loved each other to the core
And with each other they still stay

Brian Shearing, 73, Reading


All those years ago, they said it wouldn't last,
What would they say now 22 years have passed?
You are my protector, counsellor, Netflix partner and best friend;
At times, I can't live without you; other times you drive me around the bend!
You say I'm your Queen and you are my King,
The father of my children and my everything.
I am meant for you and you are meant for me,
Life isn't always how we planned but we are just meant to be.

Lucie Lim
Aged 40


When I contemplate my Valentine,
I think of one that's truly mine.
It started as a grand idea
and slowly grew throughout the year.
A little flutter in my tummy.
Sharing food we both found yummy.
Anticipating a special date
and wondering if you'd make me wait.
Flowers and cards upon the day
and excited family exclaiming "Horray!".
My Valentine started ever so small
and arrived with little fuss at all.
Communication was slow to come
but this Valentines day, she's calling me "Mum"!

Jamie Hale, Millom, Cumbria.


Bob My Ballantyne!!
Who knew about the lockdown
the time we’d have to spend
The list of jobs I found you
that never seemed to end.
Reviving my old front door
the garage looks brand new!
and all the while I found your smile
revived my love for you!

I loved you when I met you
back in ‘79
little did I know that
your heart agreed with mine!
Now 40+years later
with offspring by the score,
plus grey hair and fat bellies

Debbie Ballantyne, Sheffield


A Covid Valentine

Such a long year since last Valentine's Day -
Shielding at home to keep Covid at bay.
Do I still love you, find time with you "heaven",
Despite all these months of you TwentyFour-Seven???

Holidays cancelled, the gym out of bounds,
For depression and gloom there was plenty of grounds.
But having more time brought benefits too
A chance for those projects from the back of the queue !

We learned to consider what the other might need.
That a blaring TV means the other can't read!
We remembered we both have interests we share
And enjoyed enough laughs to draw back from despair.

So are you my valentine, even just now
When we cohabit closely and sometimes ask how?
I think we have shown our love is still strong …
(But hope the **** lock-down is gone before long!)

Cath Simpson


To my Valentine, remembering the day that we met.

You asked me to dance, my heart felt a chance,
I could scarcely look you in the eye.
This feeling of fear, just having you near,
Made me question myself as to why.

What’s wrong with you girl, this head spinning swirl,
Over a guy who’s emerged from a crowd??
For laughing out loud, you’re not easily wowed, This feeling is really absurd!!

Looking back fifty years, not all without tears,
I know that my instincts were true.
In good times and bad, the joy that I’ve had,
Still makes me love being with you.

Joan Smith, aged 77.


Thinking of you
makes me smile,
makes me think
its all worth while

When I feel blue
and things get me down,
a vision of you,
erases my frown

When we're apart,
time takes forever
hours feel like days,
until we are together.

Now you're home
and I can see
that you are just so
perfect for me.

Tammy Lisa Artherton
Age 47


Little Did I Know

Little did I know when I first knocked on your door
and said, "Hello I'm Daisy, we haven't met before"
that you would buy me roses when our baby son was born
and help me calm his crying as night turned into dawn;
and we would plant a garden, with tulips and sweet peas
and fill our home with vases - till the flowers made me sneeze;
and when my mum was ill you'd help me to be brave
then together we'd choose lilies to place upon her grave;
and I would buy carnations for you, my Valentine -
first one, then two, then three - this year it's twenty-nine.
No-one knows how many more or what else lies in store,
but if I'd known what I know now, I'd still knock on your door ♥

Jenny Drury
Age 50


You - wrote my name on a star
So wherever you are,
Together we stand
With a mark on your hand
When I look back in time
I thank god that you’re mine
And wherever we are
We are under that star

Lynn Caldwell


To all key workers and volunteers.

You deserve so much more than cheers.
You are the frontline staff who keep us all safe and manage our fears,
and we will be grateful for years and years.

You share your kindness and create hope and even more,
You give protection to the those in need like a canopy covers the forest floor.

This year has been tough for all but you have all been so brave and so totally amazing.
It's all of our hugs and treats and thanks for you that we are all saving.

Amelia Fernandez
Age: 36


Love Bug
A squeeze is just a hug,
Until you're bitten by the bug,
He clasps his claws on to your heart,
and all your fears will then depart,
And with an added lingering kiss,
A heartbeat you will miss,
That squeeze becomes a little more,
That person you begin to adore,
All because that bug,
Gave you the slightest shove.

Rachael Jones, Glenrothes
Age 42


Let Love Grow

I thought love would knock me over
It would shoot up, blossom in front of my eyes
Bright, bold, all-consuming

And oh how I waited for that love
Each year, hope would spring
A cautious petal, a daring dream

Summer soared with my desire
Then days grew shorter with my faith
As autumn leaves fell, so did my tears

One day, a tiny sapling
I almost threw you away
I was uncertain of what you were

But I made room, I watched you
You didn't overpower, but you had a place
I kept the weeds away, fed and watered you

With time you changed, you thrived
Determined and beautiful
And now you watch over me

Your branches shelter me
Your strong and steady presence comforts me
Our colours change together with the seasons

What have I learnt?
Love is slow
Love is constant
Care for it and it will grow

Lianne Frith, Poole
Age: 38


My Light

In a little box of light,
It all began,
A small German town,
Market Place glistening with Christmas lights.

My recreation,
Illuminating a stage of talents from all over,
Had observed you,
In a cellar full of dusty costumes.

Your eyes twinkling with kindness,
Unaware of the warmth emanating from within,
From my radiant shelter,
Secretly smiling down on you.

Distracted by a shadow below my port hole,
Sparkling eyes looking up at me,
"A Becks?"
Broad smiles between us said it all.

Tick tock,
Competition time,
Nervous energy,
Can I do it?
Sound and lights?
You appear.

Heart beating fast,
Opening to my box lets you in,
Flashing lights and thunder resounding on the stage,
Perfect Duo.

Church bells chiming,
Announcing our special day,
Can't stop smiling,
Cheeks aching with happiness.
Always and forever my darling,
The light of my life.

Fiona Jane Ward, Dunfermline


You may not do the chores
The laundry bin - where's that?
You may be balding slightly
And feel you need to wear a hat
You may no longer have the energy
To stay awake past nine
But if one thing's made us stronger
It's that precious thing called time

We are more than just a couple now...
My best friend you have become
We are stronger now than ever
We're a team... a dad... a mum

I love you more than anything
Thank you for being you
But if you could just take the bins out
Well... you'll make all my dreams come true!

Annalisa Dunham


Roses are red
Violets are blue
Gardening's my first love
You're number two! (sorry)

Stephanie Armstrong, Carlisle


This years been thorny - it wont win prizes
But roses still grew in all colours and sizes
As you cut them back they looked like twigs
But faith - they emerge again stronger and big
So keep on tending with love hope and care
And we’ll welcome new buds of life back this year

M Bowes, London


For My ❤️

Your love is all I need
To make my heart sing free,
You are my inspiration
To let me be just me.

I do not show my feelings
As often as I could,
But during these strange times
I think I really should.

In our 25 years together
I really need to say,
To tell you that I love you
Each and every day.

You are my one and only,
My lover and my friend,
Someone to be by my side
Until the very end.

Will Tunnicliffe, Leicester


Heres my 'Vals Poem' and opportunity to say...

Winning a £100 voucher would celebrate 25 years together in a perfect way!
My lockdown has been shared with someone whos simply one of the best
To spend this time with him I feel truly blessed
He's one of the kindest and bravest people you will ever meet
Plus being with me for a quarter of a century is really no mean feat!
To the team at Tree2MyDoor let me thank Andrew in style

And let him know how much I appreciate walking down that aisle!

Mrs Kristyn Harris
Age 47


My teenage crush, you always made me blush, tanned and toned, I can now call you my own. Our tans have faded, and abs have gone but my love for you is just as strong. You've wiped my tears and held my hand and always turn my frown upside down.

Forever grateful, you make me proud with you by my side my life is just grand.

The key to my heart you will always hold, together forever to love and hold.

Lisa williams, Oswestry


Dear Peter,

I still remember the day we met,
On a field trip that was so wet!
I had a bottle stuck on my hand,
And you yanked it into the sand,
And our eyes met over a fire so grand,
You make me laugh so much,
With our silly jokes and such,
Like when you were so drunk you jumped on a postbox,
Or that you never ever wear matching socks,
And have an odd obsession with rocks!
And although our uni days are now finished,
Our love will never diminish,
For with every morning coffee you make,
And bin bag you take,
These acts of kindness mean our love will never quake

Emily Mason
Age 23


Two souls united as one
Complete in the journey of forever
Infinity has found us
Always we will be together

Amanda Coffman, Birmingham


Drip, drop,
Little shock,
Vibrations of life and love,
Split splat,
The crevices and cracks,
Filled and fixed,
Bish bosh,
Growth and spurs,
Sometimes heal, mostly hurt,
The eye is the beholder.

Debbie Dahan,
Age 33


To my dearest husband ,my best friend for life ,
I couldn't be prouder to be called your wife

You light up a room with your infectious smile ,
To me you make life worthwhile

We have been together for eighteen years and and what a journey it has been,
A happy marriage and the most beautiful children you have ever seen

When I try to explain to my friends how I know your the one that was made for me ,
It's the laughter, and the butterflies that's the key

So on this special Valentine's Day I want you to know how much I love you
Because thanks to you my darling I will never feel blue

Lydia Gough, Cannock


Its not only valentines day I love you,I love you all my life
It would give me the greatest gift of love if you would be my wife
Our love means the whole world to me
So im now on bended knee
Asking you to marry me
So please say yes,make my world whole
To love you my entire life is my ultimate goal

Denise Howells, Nuneaton


My dear lockdown love
Blossomed like foxglove
Our love forged by zooms
From different bedrooms
Oh to kiss those lips
Please say these are blips
Can I recommend
That we just pretend
To jump in your car
To the nearest bar
Jack Daniels and coke
Just like normal folk
To Karaoke
And Hokey Cokey
Seeing the sunrise
I come to realise
It is but a dream
Oh that makes me scream
So far like the moon
Alas let’s meet soon

Amy Johnson


To my soulmate

While doing the spring cleaning
I find myself dreaming
You make my heart flutter
and forget to declutter!

Viv Millward, Bicester



Jane Burnham (janeyb_jb)


Love is like a seedling,
Unsure and thin and reedy,
But don't forget the sure thing,
They can grow veggies that make me greedy!

So when you are feeling unsure,
And not that strong,
I will love you more,
That you can count on.

Kayleigh Beirne, Newport


There was a young girl from the Moor,
Where Valentines cards came no more.
She longed for some roses, some plants or some poses,
So ordered from Tree 2 my door!

Helen Capstick, Devizes


Be strong as Oak, this Valentine.
The sweetest grape on any vine.
Grow together through thick & thin,
Hearts in love & in a spin.

Never prickly, thorns in a side.
Bloom with joy & honest pride.
This Valentine - be the strongest reed.
The best of bulbs, a fabulous seed.

Peaceful as the Olive tree.
Bright as only love can be.
This Valentine, let us all love more…
Especially trees, at any door.

Kay Mansour, London


We love a bit of Hanky Pandy
Especially the Rose
It heightens up the senses particularly the Nose
Its wonderful colour & heady perfume
Is surely set to make love Bloom.
So forget the Chocolate, forget the Wine
Get out in the garden with clippers & twine
Sporting our wellies &matching hats of old
Our love stands the test of time,hands wrinkled from the cold
I love my old chap ,with his weathered face
We,re as one, as always in our Happy Place
28 fullfilled years of harmonious toil
Loving shows in our rich black gold soil.
So for Valentines day each & every year
A Rose is planted for for those we hold dear.

Sue Mooney, Southport


Ode to My Husband

H is for that HAPPY feeling you inspire
A is for the ATTENTION you pay me
N is for NOTHING to get in our way
K is for all the KINDNESS you show
Y is for the YEARN in my heart for you

P is for the PASSION we have for life and love
N is for the NEED we have for each other
K is for all the KISSES over the years
Y is for all the YEARS of happiness we've had together

R is for the RESPECT we have for each other
O is for the OPPORTUNITIES we have blossomed
S is for my SOLE mate
E is for the total EMPATHY we have together

Hanky Panky Rose the sum of our true love my everything my Valentine

Susan Ritchie, Ashford


My heart is like a cabbage divided into two
The leaves I give to others but the heart ❤️ I give to you

Ros Coventry, Solihull


Six months ago I gave my wife
A rose to show I cared
For 65 years of my life
A life that we had shared

A life not free of 'ups and downs'
Not always sweet as honey
The riches that we have to show
Did not cost us money

A family borne from our love
Little ones to treasure
No amount of costly goods
Our happiness could measure

Our family grew through the years
Grandchldren there are four
They filled our lives with so much joy
We could not wish for more

Our joy increased as time went by
As Great Grandchildren arrived
And filled our lives with so much joy
Our love throughout survived.

So I send a loving greeting
To the great love of my life
My Valentine she's always been
My love, my life, my Wife.

Ray Davies, Rotherham


Lay the table, candles, napkins and wine
Let's be inventive at this year's Valentine.
Covid has taken much away.
Lets celebrate we are here today.
But remember all lost loved ones
Mark the occasion for them.
St Valentine is for all love
Here on earth and those above.
Covid has ruined many plans this year.
Mankind is paying very dear.
Let's not break the rules.
Keep covid away - don't be fools.
Love is what keeps us going
Let's celebrate at home
and keep the love flowing.

Maggie Barker, Cheadle Hulme



In Snowdrop Wood
It plays out
Your beauty in a frame of white.
Bride- white, cloud- white, blue-white drops:
Small bells in delicate play.

And the woodland scent- rich and full
And You- a honey-slap of white
Over base of ferns and earth.
And You. Complete:
White sky, white scent, white flower.

You. White. Bells. Valentine.

Alison Ford, Perth


M y 12th Valentine with you
A lways to you I will stay true
T hanks for this year we’ve had
T hanks for being the very best Dad
H ardly a normal time to bring home a new baby
E very lockdown brings new challenges daily
W hat an amazing family, you, me, Milly and Maisy

Becky Turner


Remembrance Rose.

I wondered through my garden today
with thoughts of you in my mind
I breathed in the scents from the flowers
and was transported to another time

A time when we talked about what we would plant
about flowers, bushes and trees
Alas time was something we did not have
But I'll continue to plant up our dream

Ill plant large, bright blousy flowers
that will bring a smile to my face
some others, slender and serene
making the garden a still, peaceful place

The scent of the lavender as I brush past
the cypress trees standing tall
the willow, outstretched, branches touching the grass
All are very special to us all

A Single rose, from my darling on valentine's day
is something that lies in the past
but the Remembrance Rose in my garden
planted with love, is cherished, a reminder of love that will always last.

Senga van Kleef, Bolton-Upon-Dearne


Some lovers send you flowers
Some serve you food and wine
Some buy expensive presents
When they ask you to “be mine”
But I want love that grows with time
So there’s just one gift for me
No sweets, no jewels, no evening out
I want a living tree.
It starts out spindly, weak and green
But slowly gets much stronger
Branches come and sprout new life
And roots grow ever longer
A tree is living, just like love
It bends but still stands tall
And when the rain falls in our lives
It’s spread protects us all.

Liz McMullan, Newtownards


He's a wonderful provider
My calm in a storm
Has lasted 34 years
And still going strong

Love you Malcolm!

Jacqui Sclanders, Thurlby


It's time to celebrate the month of love
shall I buy chocolates or release a dove
Its lockdown you know no restaurants are open
its pie and mash, just a token
I am sure whatever the day will bring
we will remember it well following the year from hell

Lynne Coyle, Bootle


Roses are red
Violets are blue
The cat is my favourite
But you're ok too

Georgia Hutton, London



I'm walking through the woods today, the sun is shining, hip hip hooray !
Brodie dog wallows in bracken and muddy ditch - hope there's no tics or he'll start to itch.
The deer appear so beautiful and proud, I wave to them mustn't speak out loud, or they'll disappear again to their holly bush den.
The trees are so tall , they make me feel small - but then I'm only five foot two (a bit taller than Winnie the Pooh!).
All the leaves on the ground make a crunching sound and I startle the birds - you may have heard that pheasant scream - I nearly fell in the stream!
My boots full of water - oh what a silly daughter (I expect that's what dad would be thinking or maybe 'she's been drinking" Green, brown and yellow, orange and purple too. - that sounds like a song about a rainbow I once knew !
Green carpets of moss climb the very proud trees, in the undergrowth I hear the buzzing of bees.
All silence and the colours are so bright and clear, think I'll put a tent up and come and live here (with the deer!).
There's Funghi, that mushroom who tells jokes, is spreading his spores on the wise old oaks, he's quirky and strange, and brown and yellow, he's food for thought, this quirky misshaped fellow .
I walk through the woods to think a lot - if anyone saw me they'd think I'd lost the plot, as I talk to the ferns, the moss and woodland Daisy (the wildlife and neighbours must think I am crazy!
But this woodland, I think it listens to me, and one day I'd like to come back as a tree !

Kim Clark


Roses are red
Violets are blue
I smile every morning when I
Wake up with you

Graham Niven, Altrincham