Valentine's Day Competition 2022

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Our 2022 Winning Entry is....

Green Gages

You are my roots

You are my branches

You are my twigs;

I will be your buds,

your blossom and

your blooms.

But I would be nothing without your soil.





Our entries for 2022...

Hannah Stait,



It's easy, loving you

It feels like when you move to catch something as it falls

It's instinct

It's powerful

It's built into the gap between my soul and teeth

It's looking at the sky and feeling watched and feeling fragile and small

But in your eyes I feel like I fill the very space in every speck of gold in your eyes.

With the smell, touch and taste of you I bloom like a rose afraid of its own thorns

And as the night breeze sways me

I grab your fingers

Curl them into mine

 And let out a shaken breath

into that sparkling sky






Red Roses on the Breeze 

My heart gives voice this lonely night

To words my lips can't say,

Then calls out to the midnight breeze

To lift them on their way.

Above the trees and fields they fly,

Arriving from above,

To fall upon my Valentine

And fill her dreams with love.



Cynthia Roach


I know every inch of you

I close my eyes and see every nuance 

Smell you even when I'm long away from you 

With beauty that permeates my pores

Your needs deplete me

 I dream of being with you when I regain my energy

I share my innermost thoughts while basking in your fertility

You are my serenity and safe space

I try to tame you but your beautiful wildness always prevails

With resiliency that knows no bounds

Your adaptability, a lesson for all

I will always need you more than you need me

You will go on long after I'm gone

When I lose my senses the imprint will remain 

I'll see your vibrancy

Smell the myriad of fragrances,

Feel your texture,

 Hear the others that inhabit your your domain,

And taste your fruit

Thank you beloved garden for gracing me with your beauty,

your life lessons and hours of joy and awe.




Joy Wilson


My love is like a red ,red rose

He really is the best

We love to snuggle up in bed

And cuddle up and rest.


He greets me every morning

With a lovely smiling face

We never have a cross word

His demeanour's always ace


I love to make him tasty meals

He gobbles up the lot

And always asks for seconds

The chubby little pot


He really is my valentine

My best friend and all that

If you havent guessed already

His name's,Snoopy,he's my cat!




Eve Hall


My Sweetest Gift


You have always calmed my fears,

You have wiped away my tears.

You brighten up my day,

By the kind words that you say.


You build me up when I am down,

You are so much fun to have around.

You can always make me smile,

I forget my worries for a little while.


Loving you will be my fate,

You will always be my soulmate.

You are the reason that I live,

All my love to you I give.




Felicity Ounsworth


For Charli,


Here sit I,

 A grass-stained goose

 Outside the window

 Of your hoose


I will honk

 Until you wake up

 Let's have a picnic

Squash in your cup

I didn't bring much

We might have to steal 

But the most important part

Is us sharing a meal




Faith De Young


Love—a meaning that was previously undiscovered until your name caught in my throat

Kiss—a sword between lips that could make oceans quake and bodies rise

Heart—the equivalent of a hammer trying to escape my chest, my mind

Red—my blurred vision at the first sight of my own sun, my strength, my fun

Candy—sweet without the sickness, makes memories out of the ordinary

February—a chill that whistles, “hey stranger”




Shelley Ford


Image of  Poem by Shelley Ford



Heather Oconnor


Like seeds on the breeze

we are regaining our freedom

Bit by bit we are unfurling our leaves

 and reaching for the sun once more

 Like vines we entwine and grow together

Nurturing one another,

feeding each others souls

Let's reach for the stars and do it together

As everything feels better with our soul mate......

and that's you.




Grace Welsh

My Valentine

I died pure. I died free. I died untouched.


Well, only one soul was close enough to touch mine.

The closer it got, the more it stung.

I drove myself insane, until i burst

and scattered my pieces into the stars.


There's a thin line between love and pain.

Don't fall into its trap.


This is why I died,

pure and free.




Maz K


A Husbands Love


By M. Karolia


 My love for you is silent

 Yet found in the sunrise I awake you to see.

 It is in my gaze when you walk close to me,

The flutter as my heart syncs with yours, to beat 

My love for you switches off phones and leaves them in the hall

Surprises you with a ticket to watch football

Buys you sunflowers 'cos you don't like roses

Lets you cry on my shoulder when your team loses

It is my hand as I play with your fingers to feel your touch 

Or when I await, wide awake, missing you so much;

It is there when I show I need you, to be with you

Through our life as we continue...

My love for you is silent

Because I love you would not be enough.

You are the clearest silence I happened upon,

For you are my life, my love.



Sylvia Telfer


Always I think of people as trees, myself

as a 'Winter Beauty', love child of Red Delicious

and rock star status Russian winter apple: 

genes gifting me sweet/sour juice

-that Life steadiness that will be

my lover's sturdy pillar for all eternity.

My branches, weighty with passion, ache

only for you, whom I see as a mighty oak

with deep tap roots of empathy.

Did you spy me dance in flurry, in defiance

of spring frost, and saw my endurance?


This Valentine's Day, I promise you autumnal

fruit juicy with real love, and that never will I be

a cruel lure like that first one in Eden.


Valentine, if your leaves brush my skin,

our love story will begin. Draw near, and in

sweet/sour of my fruit you will see how vain

is too-flattered rose, and in loving me

all your woes will be but scattered shadows.




Tracy Davidson


Love is... 


...a fragile kite swaying in the breeze 

leaves that flutter among whispering trees 


as sure as the dawning of each day 

joyous as innocent children at play 


the two of us dancing in the rain 

our stolen kisses in lovers' lane 


sweet nothings you whisper in my ear 

the first time you ever called me 'dear' 


the steady beat of birds wings in flight 

your strong arms around me in the night 


your sweet mouth that opens under mine 

fresh as a grape plucked straight from the vine 


in the silence after passion's spent 

knowing without words what each other meant 


spring sunshine, the garden in full bloom 

fresh flowers whose fragrance fills the room 


the smile that plays around your ruby lips 

the breathless sound of unzipping zips 


holding hands while walking on the shore 


love is all these things, and so much more



S Hudson


Today I smiled and nodded at my boss, trying not to swear

Forever longing to throw my stapler at his face

When I got home, you were there


Today I told a stranger to go **** themselves, garnished with a glare

You know how I get when people forget their manners

When I got home, you were there


Today I succumbed to fried doughnuts again, I didn’t even share

I know I said I wouldn’t, they’re my fourth lot this week

When I got home, you were there


Today I felt ill again and watched the Lord of the Rings Trilogy in my lair

I know I said I’d look after myself better and that we’d watch it together this time

When you get home, I’m there

Though I‘m profusely apologetic, you genuinely don’t care

We’re both happy you are home

Happy together here, together there, together anywhere.




Morna Sullivan 


Chocolate Hearts


I could have kept them all to myself

Eating each piece on my own,

Slowly, savouring every delicious moment.

Instead, our lifetime of sharing began,

The good and bad, dark, white and milky days

When I opened that black and gold box.

Shiny, red foil encased the treasures within,

The rich, sweet aroma teased our taste buds

As we breathed in that tantalising aroma.

I carefully unwrapped a ruby cabochon

You reluctantly took one too.

Relishing a shared melting moment

As two delicious chocolate hearts

Finally dissolved and disappeared.

The start of a love affair

Of sharing our chocolate hearts.

We rationed that box 

Tasting them together until every

Chocolate heart had melted into memories.

And while you stole my heart, forever,

Chocolate stained lips melted into chocolate kisses.

At each anniversary we still indulge

In our melted memories and savour

Each new memory of delicious chocolate hearts.




Jacquee Storozynski




I watch you read, as daylight dies

Your sweet bent head, the half shut eyes

The silence hovering like a dove

And wonder what is meant by love.


No sighing, dying, destructive ache

No overwhelming sad heartbreak

Just joined by cord that ties and binds

Two kindred spirits, a meet of minds


A joy of sharing only thoughts

A telepathic bond of sorts

No words required and yet all knowing

Natural kindness, being, growing


No hurricane, just gentle breeze

No passion flames but sense of ease

If this is love, it's quiet and freeing.

Together, oneness, simply being




Ismail Hussain


As I sat down by candlelight, celebrating on this day on love, I remembered you, your memory, flashed in my memory and they stay, for an eternity. My dear first crush, you were beautiful and perfect. I never told you how I felt and that you ruled my world, but falling in love and having that premature love, is and was and will be wonderful.




Cheryl Sutcliffe


Roses are red

Violets are blue

Sugar is sweet

But not as sweet as you

I have a crush,a crush on you

Be my Valentine,be my sweetheart.

Love me dear

Love me true

I only have eyes for you.




Caroline Sullivan


We met in the March of two thousand and nine, You walked into the pub looking smart and so fine.

I got butterflies, started giggling and my knees went weak, what must you had been thinking? “My god, she’s a freak!”.

But no, you didn’t, we spent the whole night cracking jokes, then got rudely interrupted by the landlord shouting “That’s all folks!”.

Almost 13 years later and you are still by my side, all I can say is it’s been a hell of a ride.

We’re married now and have 3 boys of our own, and as each year passes our love has just grown.

You’re my lover, my soulmate, my husband, my life and I cherish the day I became your wife.




Anne Greengrass


Love's Labour's Lost & Won 

Through all the seasons of our lives We've sown and nurtured, Enjoyed the birds and bees, Harvesting riches in colourful riots of joy. 

Love's seen us plant in this bed or that Our garden favourites: sunflowers, Calendula, the humble nasturtium, Camellias, fuschias, a dainty Star Magnolia, Willows, teasel, apple, pear and plum, Courgette and dill, thyme creeping soft Scented, edible, glorious FUN. 

As Time's moved on, Love's labour's have repaid us manyfold; Our faithful dog no longer sun-stretches among the sprawling rosemary 

And our son will fully fledge the nest in Spring Yet we are richer for the memories Turning softly in the simple weathervane of Boy and dog ; This garden will give comfort and solace Till our own seasons change no more from Winter to Spring. 




David Ellenanne

Valentine's Night Out

I'm staggered by the opulent

vastness of the room

with it's crystal chandeliers, marble columns,

and tall silk flowers in feathery white bloom.


"Please come this way,"

gestures a young waitress

all dressed in black and white.

Her ponytail swings from side to side,

as we walk through a feast of light.

"May I have this dance?" you ask.

I jump, I'd forgotten you were there.

Your eyes are like two spangles

beneath a fringe of oily hair.


I'm dazzled by your elegance as you spin

me round the room. The man

behind the piano bursts a red balloon!

The band plays 'My Funny Valentine'

and someone hums the tune.

Time slips away too quickly

as we sweep the empty floor,

with no more of an audience

than a blue bottle at the door!




Water Yard


It was then that I remembered

There were gasps and squeals

from the crowd of one sheep and two twins

as I wrestled Tilley to the floor

following a brief and unexpected rodeo

Upended, unwell, but now relaxed

With our young apprentices whispering

kindnesses in her ear

She lay, hooves akimbo, ready for scrubbing

and it was then that I remembered


How much I cherish you

More than you will ever know

but especially when you're cleaning a dirty sheep's ass

on a dull and windy October day

with your bright yellow marigolds and a bowl of warm water

grimace and smile as one

you faced the rear end of a poorly girl

and had never looked so beautiful to me


Linda Burnett


Under the Bonnet: A Valentine


Here is my heart,

marking time.

It squeezes gore

from side to side.

It flexes its fist

in fitful bursts,

thumping its beat

against the walls.

It may slow down

but never stall.


at your call.

Here are the tubes,

the ins and outs,

the valves to stop

a flow reverse,

the cords to keep

the muscles taut,

the rooms to store

the blood that's caught.

For what it's worth,

it's now all yours,

to fully service

- if not adore!




Jacqui S


He's a wonderful provider

My calm in a storm

Has lasted 35 years

And still going strong!

Love you Malcolm xx




Richard Parry


Walking by with some alarm

I felt an arrow pierce my arm

This I felt was rather stupid

In fact I had been shot by Cupid.

Why he picked me I can't say

Perhaps it was a ricochet.

Then before me stood a girl.

Who set my senses in a whirl.

Whether accident or design

I had found my Valentine.



Matthew Harris


Valentines day always found me aquiver


Ring with no feather in my cap only envy

at handsome man drakes with bucks,

who could bank on "hot chicks" willingly

aligned in arrow emitting clucks

fluffing their respective tail feathers amidst

loud squawking out quacking


establishing pecking order like ducks,

or any other foxy fowl billetted

within walled din noisy hen house

preening, each be solder self flux

sing wings and waddling, flirting, casting...

webbed wide good lucks


at the growing flock

including male friends relatives,

minus yours truly, whose presence,

would merely generate a yawn,


though even a distinct black swan

received royal carpet treatment

particularly one named Shawn

encompassing another honorable guest


with illustrious surname Rawn

guests underwritten by Cupid,

whose presence surreptitiously withdrawn

(invitations distributed widely explained,


just beak cuz gerrymandering redrawn)

even provoking deer interest

of stray doe eyed fawn

hence lacking bravado and brawn.




Alison Ford

For Brian:


My Love for you is Zesty

It’s like a lemon tree

Full of sun and health and bounce

For all the world to see.


My love for you is Zingy

Just like a tree of lime

Full of life and strength and grace

That stands the test of time.


My love for you is Lovely

Just like a fragrant roseFr

Sweet and happy, full of joy

It grows and grows and grows.


I’d love to send you beauty:

A rose, a bush , a tree

It’s time to contact Tree2mydoor

And send gifts ,with love, from me.



Sushant Kumar Gupta


Should I tell her or not?


Should I tell her or not?

If I talk her I go lost,

Her heart is like a child,

So positive and mild.


Some time she tells every thing out,

And sometimes not a word to shout,

She talks about places she want to go,

And you will also like to, part of that show.


We talk about lot of topics,

Exam, adventure, sports and politics,

She loves the nature too,

Perfect in her way and understandable too.


I want to ask her but I fear though,

What if she don't want to... come close,

She never gives you a hint at your face,

And she will keep you, her to chase.


So I let it be a open secret,

And let her to crack it,

That the person talking to you next,

Is writing poems for his love-mate.



Nigel Kasecha

When you are far away from me l am afraid of losing you,When you are close l am afraid of losing myself into you.

Your eyes sinks me deep into my thoughts and l tend to lose my words when l look at them.

I taken by your smile and broken at a mile for l know l am away for a while

You acknowledge me to learn and you have stolen my heart what a nuisance.

I am afraid of losing you but as far as l go l am afraid of seeing you in pain.You are sweet when you smile and beautiful when you are angry, what are you? angel.

I am crazy around people but chilled around you make me weak.

My mind applauses when my heart decides to love but pauses in your eyes,what are they made of....stars.

I am shuttered by your tears but what is heard by my ears is music when you cry.

Suddenly dawn comes what a beautiful day just like the beauty in you


I am just a poet looking for





Barry Carter


If I could shrink heaven,

Balance it on

An infinite thread

With a pearl,

Make the tree catch the

Fruit, expand

Your heart until it

Absorbs the earth.

I first found you


At the confluence of two

Rivers of clouds,

Your beauty and

Spirit perfectly balanced,

Two wind horses

Danced. Your hair blowing

Like the

Uplift of swans.



Sharon Larkin


Roses are Red ❤️

Violets are Blue 💙

Sugar is Sweet 🍬

And so are u 🥳



Nicolle Gibson


I wish I could say it was love at first sight, but that would be lying and that isn’t right. We met whilst at work but were too nervous to say even say hello, but eventually we became good friends and our friendship did truly grow. From conversations about football to advice about cars and work, we could talk for hours on end without driving each other berserk. Mark holds a special place in my heart, he always has done right from the start. With his unique sense of humour and perfection right there, to gestures of kindness to show that he really does care. I really am proud of what he has managed to achieve, he always does his best and does more than I can barely believe. I love how he always puts other people first, his wonderful nature makes me so happy that I could burst.




Graham Suereynolds


Before we met my mind was sad

A deep dark mist had got be bad

Every day a struggle to get out of bed

Negative thoughts often in my head


The day we met I remember well

Pubs last orders they rang the bell

You walked me home you held my hand

I was transported to another land


A place of hope a place of fun

Dates and excitement had just begun

Mornings were bright nights had meaning

I’d never felt such a loving feeling


Love has blossomed and It is true

I’ve found the real me by finding you

You show me kindness and strength and support

Those dark days are gone I’m pleased to report


So valentine I want you to know

Not only did you help me grow

You showed me that life is for living

Darling my love to you I will forever be giving




Alyson Ciborski


Val’s Poem


Love should never be a prison

Let it breathe, grow, envelope caress

Wrap itself around you

Inside and out.


Love should never hurt it should not cause pain

Let it free you from insecurities

Light you up keep you warm

Give you confidence to soar high and free.


Love should not die

Allow it to live forever to give you wings

That carry you forever in the knowledge 

That love is a gift.



Simon Tooley


You were my first love, but then you went away.

My heart was torn in pieces, when you left that day.

We lived our own lives, and went our separate ways.

I wondered what became of you, and how you spent your days.

Thirty or so years went by, we both had families.

And then one day we reconnected, through social media technologies.

We chatted lots and reminisced, about the times we had.

When you were just a slip of a girl, and I a mere young lad.

We decided to meet up, although nervous and quite scared.

You still had your golden locks, whilst I was now grey haired.

We laughed and joked a lot, we hugged and even kissed.

The flame began to burn again, for the love that we had missed.

Now two years later on, through lockdown we endured.

And every single day, I felt my heart had cured.

How can this feel so right, from all the years that passed.

You were my first love, and you will be my last.




Billie Barthorpe


This poem is dedicated to Andrea Michele Bywater, my wife to be - for being the bravest, kindest and most incredible person I know.


Love is…

Learning to accept another person fully without expectations or judgment

Owning up to mistakes and trying hard to do better next time

Vocalising how you feel and working through problems together calmly

Empathic - listening, feeling sad when they're sad, wishing you could take all their pain away


Independent - valuing who you are in your own right, and having some time for yourself

Spending quality time together, doing things you both like and being willing to try something 




Nandini Kaushik


YES ! I LOVE YOU I have no body to talk that's why i might talk to you but when i crack a joke so often i want you to say -"oh that's so true" . I have a habit of slow walking that's why i might bore you creeping but when i feel secretly alone i want you to say -" just hug me dear" . I often sit alone and quiet that's why u might find me a loner but when i call you even at night you should taunt and say -" don't you think you called so sooner ". After listening all my conditions you might say - 'this girl is apathetic' but when i say - "this all about me " i want you to laugh and ask - "oh is that genetic". I have no body to love that's why i might love you but when i confess my feelings i want you to say - "yes i love you too" .




Liz Mounce-Stephens


To my darling husband Alec

You make my life complete

You buy me fancy chocolates and slippers for my feet

You make me laugh when times are hard

But for valentine's instead of a card

A website that won't leave you in the lurch

Trees plants and roses, even a birch

Their selection makes me say phwoar

It has to be tree2mydoor!




Ruth Mcnab


Hello here’s a little poem I have written tonight on my break at work! Hope you like it…


You married a nurse thinking it would be fun

You have a very tired wife with a messy bun


When it’s time to snuggle up at home in bed

I’m working all night, out the door I fled


Working all night and sleeping all day

Let’s hope I have a day off for valentines hey!


L Connor Kirby




I met you by the tree today,

we sheltered from the rain,

Arms entwined and healing,

From life's pressures and the pain,


Feeling finally whole again,

We stepped into the light,

Enjoying nature's shower,

as we danced all through the night.


We gazed at one another,

With love and laughter too,

ready once again,

to start the day anew.




Ginalea Price


V alentines day this year is so special to me

A s this last year was a nightmare you see.

L ast July I suffered a cardiac arrest

E veryone was so worried my health wasn't the best.

N o one knew if I was going to make it today as my heart stopped for 29 minutes that day

T hanks to my mum who preformed CPR

I feel so lucky to have her she is my star 🌟

N ow I'm back with my children I feel so great you know

E ach minute of the day I feel so lucky to be alive it was such touch and go

S urely I did survive it was an amazing feeling and I want time to go slow



Abasifreke Dan


Dear Ndy,


"If love was a god, only poets will be qualified as its priests." - Anonymous.


Cuddle me tonight,

for last night my mat tried,

but not as lovely as yours

stroking my back with timid palms.


Dandle me today,

for I missed your silk palms,

caressing my skin gently

right under your arms.


Lay me at your cleavage,

and let me fondle your 'chest nuts'

as I sing to the rhythm of your moans,

while we stir jealousy among the moons.


Stroll with me tonight,

and let's rob the night of her sleep,

for she slept well last night,

snoring like a lazy nanny.


Sit with me tonight,

and let's count the stars together

for I missed the figures last night,

counting like a poor dummy kid.


Play me your violin,

and let's hit the crescendo

for last night it played in diminuendo.


Faisal Arnob


It's You Forever


Seraphic, it is your smile-

Can't remove my eyes from you even for a while.

Rains fall- Nature wakes up at your call

loving the petrichor as a pluviophile.


Beguiling, your eyes are

Glowing like an iridescent star

Smelling your wet hair wafture.

Inglenook at center, waving affinity

Holding hands- You and me amidst the serenity.


Rapturing my mind, mesmerizing my soul,

My heart is all you stole.

Birds stop at branch, sing with you,

when your mellifluous voice starts to flow.

I want to be with you

on the curve of moonbow.


Appeals the cupid under the sapphire moonlight

Soft beam kisses your cheek,

Eyes making phosphenes at night

when stars twinkle for you in white.


Your presence gives my heart effervescence,

with every drop of your love

coursing through my blood.

I want to love you forever,

the way one is for another.



Lynn V


More Than Words 


No verse required, just the X

that marks the card – that one symbol summing up

love, luck, the way my heart can still lurch 

when I see you unexpectedly; like that long-ago day, 

me dressed in red, crossing the square

looking for you and there you were; so easy to be in love

in Italy. But here the wind has been tearing the house 

for days. I love you for your practical hands, the way

you still make me laugh with a living-room dance, 

the trace of light in your hazel eyes—all those things 

summed up with the X on a card



Annalise Williams


You make me feel just like a fool

I used to hide my heart in armour - a knight stood tall

Those pride filled days and cold displays are yester

For you I’d drop my shield and play the jester

Thrown tomatoes seem to rosy my cheeks

But it is you who truly makes me blush underneath

I’d be the dunce, wear the cap

Be known the divvy, doofus, dingbat

I’d frolic and fall

Take all the ridicule

Dance and sing

And clap and spin

I’d act utterly juvenile

If there was even the slightest chance I’d make you smile.



Deborah Walton


To Paul


Valentine’s Day 1982 - First Date


It’s forty years and we’re still going strong.

I often feel we deserve a gong.


We met, we married, we had two girls.

Blonde, blue eyed with lots of curls.


Being emergency workers the job has been tough,

Without love and a family it would have been rough.


Life’s been good, we’ve been happy and sad,

Along came a grandchild a wee bonnie lad.


A granddaughter has just made our dream real,

Life with my hubby, has been the real deal.


Valentines is a day to remember the beginning,

That started the story that ended with us winning.



Lanre Badmus




I crave creativity as a consolation.

Writing this poem is my confirmation.

Artistry as an absolute solace.

In my heart is where poetry stays.

Humans have hurt me with a heartbreak.

For long, I've laid lonely like a lake.

Then I sought sympathy from my skills.

I found support, still it abundantly spills.

I'm seemingly stuck on the side of literature.

In my soul, calm has carved out a culture.

I've finally found my fate in the hands of art.

Clearly, I've been hit by Love's darling dart.



Nick Lynch


Release the Flood 


Release the flood! Unclip your silky hair

that falls like rain around a face so fair

and makes me long to stroke the long dark flow,

caress the soft, smooth skin that lies below.

The passion you arouse in me has grown,

I yearn for precious moments on our own,

to hear you talk of life and what has passed

and lie together as lovers at long last.


I dream of you beside me, holding me tight,

my arms around you, embracing through the night,

Your hair a spreading pool across my chest,

Your sensual kisses, the softness of your breast.

Release your shiny black cascade, my dear,

in which I’ll drown when next I hold you near.


For M. on Valentine’s Day




Sara Gatland



I can't write about what happened

And what you told me as I lay on top of you

Normally I want to write sonnets about you

Paint your points and brush-stroke curves

Sing your praises to the melody of your voice

Explain to the world how complex you are

Yet how simple it is to make you smile

But as we lay in the dark

And I traced my fingers on your face to see you

You whispered something to me

More intimate than any sexual encounter could ever be

More tender than any kiss

And more honest than any proclamations of love

I can't write about what happened

And I can't say what you said.

No one but me can know,

But it was the most beautiful thing anyone has ever told me.




Jan Donovan



















Favour Doji


After her I creep habitually

Never bridging the gap to holler a "hi"

All the eye covet ,

To catch a glimpse of her ;her gleaming teeth glint ;

All the heart want,

To catch a glimpse of her;her plethora glee

All the nostrils request,

To be filled by her ;her scent like oregano.


Actually ,all in secret

Confined to the universe

Not my bodyguard ;

Whose back I hide ,

Fidgeting like an adult baby

"The wall " who covers , present a room in him,

Viewing my stunner valley girl

"My bossom friend" from my first day here ,

The true tale bearer of my fantasy .


the sky changes shade ,

I ploddingly stroll straight

To my valley girl

Clothed in a snowy white dress

Eye captivate by another ,

I bet she is a goddess ,

With her gentle aura soft as a fossil

Saved from the spell

Legs became rock , my tulip drop

Heads empty long gone my mantra ;

Words Trammel ,

She smiled "long awaited day "

Ponder I long ago

"Maybe forever will my love be afar",

Prayed I

"Maybe the wish lord make real my fantasy"

Said my valley girl ,

Stupefied so I wasn't a lovelorn;

Or could it be a dream ?

No , rushed back my love mantra

"I love you".


Black white are couple ,yes!

Up till the 21st century

Just as the moon subtitle for it lover ,the sun;

When night cometh .

I pray thee such be my valley girl story


Weeks and Month grown wing flee high ,

The living grows ,

Little tree grew in length ,

The infant walks ,bone now agile .

So does the affection .


Feeling the urge

Urge to snatch and clutch ;

Though it clunk ,forever will I cling .

Feeling the urge

Urge to clasp and grasp, Though it rip , I fear the last days .

Few sleep to valentine ;

Will you be my val?

Though punching letters on phone letters

Though flying kiss and imaginary hugs

Remember to cherish our past ,

Our first date and rate it ,

I will soon be back




Hannah & Derek Grier


The Olive Tree


The Olive tree reached out a branch, and asked me if I’d like to dance.

Somewhat surprised I closed my eyes and thought “I’m hearing voices”.

I felt the breeze and settled down, the

sun was warm and all was calm, the Olive’s trunk became my pillow.

My dreams came quick, and what I saw was couples dancing in years gone by.

Their happiness and love was clear, and the Olive tree whispered in my ear.

“My ancient branches have seen so much, and now, I pass the memories on, to those who stop, and take the time to love and dance with me. Your friend the Olive tree.


Joe Jones


God created and Angel when you were born

He put you on earth to keep our hearts warm

He made you so precious, he filled us with your love

That is how I know you were sent from above



Divyadarshan Das


I fondle you in poesy;

Those grin of Sable eyes,I saw in frames

Every day texting bigly,I fell for a younger lad

Just would say,I love you, every moment,I see you blue

Felt you an alien affinity of my life

and now a luminary crime!

dire ink of my days has a swivel in bright sunshine

You're bliss, you're love, forever mine

Cold of future,I still trust this blossoming love

May the path be longer,we can still meet by and by

I wish to hold you tight, to the gloomy pearls and cyan sky

Every stroke has wishes of my freak heart

Thirty days, we still have our whole life,so far far!




Pat Hale


He opened the door and held my hand.

With his other hand he opened another door.

We stopped outside number twelve door.

Each revealed a different world.

A world of love





Blue skies


Unbroken promises




And endless golden pathways.

Mine to hold open for ever.



Beverly Cook


My Darling Valentine.

      Hello darling, what this is, for me? Thank you ever so much.

                       Thank you for you soothing sweet hug.

                 And also my darling, I cant thank you enough.

                 For being my dear friend and darling of love.

                These flowers are yellow and red and pink a pair.

                 I’ll keep them forever, or as long as you’re here.

              And if that not be so, I’ll remember how you shared.

                         You always worried and always cared.

                           And so my sweet darling valentine.

                      Don’t you be worried, you’ll always be mine.




Melissa Day


The Love of my Life

The Pain in my Bum

The Father to our Children

The Washer to my Upper

The Sugar to my Tea

The Shepard to my Pie

The Salt to my Sweet

The Soul to my Mate

The Stew to my Dumplings

For all of eternity




Liz Denial


If men were flowers I'd always pick you 

You always cheer me up when I'm feeling blue

You don't need to buy me diamonds & pearls

Just a hug & a kiss sets my heart in a whirl

I may not always tell you but my feelings are heartfelt

When you smile at me it just makes my heart melt



Francesca Walker


My Valentine. My Soul Mate. The only man for me,

The perfect husband, my bestest friend, the most amazing Daddy,

We’ve had our tests and we’ve had our trials over 16 difficult years,

Of course we’ve argued and disagreed, and many a time we’ve shed tears,

But we overcome the hardships, the illnesses and the strife,

And there’s never a day that I regret agreeing to be your wife!

I love you more with each new day and I’m so proud of the man you’ve become,

You truly are the perfect catch, my hero, my number one.

My poem is written, it might be rubbish but there’s just one thing left to do…..

To say the most important words - Quite simply, I LOVE YOU!!




Freda Lopez


I dont need a card with a heart

Or a big bunch of roses to my door

Just for you to be there

When I fall down on the floor

Just pick me up and remind me

That I am your world every day

Not just when shops tell you

But by finding the way

Hold my hand as we fall asleep

And just stay



Milly C


You! I will always love, 

For the time you have given,

The conversations we’ve had, 

And the laughter we’ve shared. 


You! I will always love,

For the way you make you feel.

The natural changes you evoke in me,

And the experiences, that you’ve had a hand in shaping


You! I will always love 

For your talent, your vibrancy

And your easy-going nature


You! I will always love, because

You give me the strength, to, 

Act stupidly, dance madly and love fiercely

You, just being you, allows me, to BE me. 



Miles Larmour


Come On

There are meetings of true minds of course

and friendships at first sight

but I can't un-remember

our selfish hot delight.

And there are damp hill-smoulders

and straw fires that whoosh ignite

but oooh our steady friendly fire

of selfish hot delight.

Remember the wind-oceaned field

we stopped at for a further sight

that screaming 'final' weekend

with nothing going right

and neither of us contrite

about our dog and cat fight

but still sweet easy access

to selfish hot delight?


Well, come on, hot sweet Valentine

let's get it on tonight




Heather Haigh

Battered sign on slumped taverna

What did they sell?

You didn't suggest spaghetti alle vongole with an accent

Nor Fallegro Langhe with an air

Fairy motes scattered

Silence wrapped

You didn't write your name in dust on the table

You didn't sniff the time-tarnished glass as your elbow

But wondered if they'd been happy


Paint-flaked, time-ungilded cinema

Ghost-dusted seats

You didn't tell me you'd watched La Strada without subtitles

Didn't make back-row sniggers

You pondered the dropped handkerchief

Tears of sadness, tears of joy?

Mislaid hat

Still missed?


Creaking spines in the library

Papery air

You didn't quote Vittoria Alfieri

Or ask if I'd read The name of the rose.

You wondered how many left unfinished stories

If children cried for lost words before sleep


You asked if I fancied music next time

Local lads, undiscovered


I didn't say no


Jayney Kel




Within the pink of dawn I perceive my Amadeus

revealed beyond the violet veil of winter rain,

a shining crystalline penumbra as immutable as the distant peak.

He's waiting for me there

at the altar in the east

above the pleated hill,

where the lone Rowan grows tethered through

a split sacred stone that is monument to the beguiling Kyle.


My heart is a frequent traveller to these heights,

always seeking for our paths to cross again;

I listen to the language of breeze through leaves

which whisper affirmations of not 'if' but 'when'.


Meanwhile I'm practicing the art of telepathy

and wonder if you feel my yearning

as I follow your journey,

taste the berries that sustain you,

hear the undulating birdsong in your ear,

feel the shade of that sweet protective tree

and contemplate the path that you travel,

which does not yet bring you back to me.



Carolyn Robinson


You are the apple of my eye

The sun in my sky

The reason that I live

All your love you give

So never ever doubt

That we will work out

That’s the sum of our love



Alice Tibbs


The Neverweds


If we ever get married, (which we won’t)

We’ll do it our way.

No décor from Pinterest,

Or guests feigning interest 

Or cards for ‘our special day’.


When we get married, (which we won’t)

We’ll invite people we actually like;

A small, perfect crowd,

No downers allowed

And your mother can go take a hike.


Or maybe we’ll cap the guestlist at two

Since the only one who matters is you.

No invites to send,

No guests to attend

For the ceremony that we’ll never do. 




Fel D


Roses are red

Violets are blue

Please put the seat down

When you go to the loo




Sarah Pope




Our love bloomed slowly

From a flicker to a flame

We nurtured it gently

Both feeling the same


Two young fresh saplings

Our faces to the sun

We danced in the breeze

And weathered the storms


Our branches spread outwards

A beautiful embrace

Entwining one another

And holding in place


Bringing trust and honesty

Those two precious fruits

Which bind us together

With the strongest of roots


But one day we'll be old

All wrinkled and lined

And like two ancient oaks

We'll still stand side by side




N Bedford


I like to Love in the bath, this always makes me laugh

I like to whisper to a Mr, or sometimes a sister

I prefer to dance in the rain than drink cocktails on a plane

I like to date in the dark mostly in the stark !

I love to talk but not stalk and deliver I am a giver

I prefer to dine and drink wine but holding hands is divine

And you know the rest only LOVE is the best



Annie Bashaw


A Sonnet for Cecilia


The quotes that I collected in my youth

were all sappy declarations of love.

These days I think they obscure the truth

except for when it's you that I think of.

Because, Cecilia, you stole my heart

and I know not what use for it you'll find,

nor do I care. Shy, I'll ask for a part

of yours: Oh, would you be my Valentine?

But this is one more quote for my journal-

despite my hints, you've shown no reaction.

For now, I'll keep my feelings internal

and not ruin friendship with attraction.

Soon, I'll ask to which sex you're ignited.

Until then my love goes unrequited.




Sur Ya


My darling,my dear, the love my life , I only want you to know this is for you on this special day , To my beautiful love Happy Valentine's day name Aruna balasubramanian




Vibhi Gupta


When the love seasons through the toppings of your pizza,

And you, with a sigh ask for a table fro two;

There's ticklish sense of cupid and heart races like a cheetah,

As a girl sits in front pouring that little smile at you!


Yes, it's Valentine's, the most expressive time of the year!

When kids are taken by friendship and adults are all set to mingle;

Some are passionate to party hard with friends and their own bar and beer,

While others bring joy to others but are still unfortunately single!


Let's all celebrate this day with sheer zeal and compassion,

For this is the time to boast your happiness and make everyone swoon;

With letter and gifts, sweets and presents to all in the relation,

And enjoy to the fullest with a feast and red romantic balloons!





John Calvert



The year evolves toward the coming light

First flowers dot the cold in white or blue

As morning steals away from winter night

I watch the signs..I send my heart to you

So you reflect, my mirror of delight

A drift of hair, the light step of a shoe

Then with the sun , your smile emerges, bright

Can your eyes tell I give my heart to you?

Choosing my words, caring they must be right

I set them down, in hope to find them true

Letting and longing open to your sight

Caught in your gaze, I give my heart to you

So into spring, I give these words their flight

Take what I am...I give my heart to you



Good Luck!

Tree2mydoor x